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Mae Graf is Ready to Be Seen with the Release of Female Anthem “Barbie”

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Buckle in for the arrival of a scream-in-the-car pop anthem by Shreveport’s very own Mae Graf. Unleashing her debut single, “Barbie,” this up-and-coming musician is about to storm the charts with her female anthem that just hits differently. Graf’s deep dive into her personal experiences with young love, loss, and internal battle with insecurity will have you scream-singing this infectious tune in the car, in the shower, and anywhere else you may hear this bop playing.

Graf’s life has revolved around music for as long as she can remember, partly due to having a nanny who would sing and write songs with the young artist. Her artistic journey is deeply rooted in her upbringing. She began voice lessons around first grade, shared her musical gifts in school talent shows, and added instrumentalists to her repertoire.

Finding release for tumultuous emotions and a path toward self-expression, writing music became a vessel for Graf to process challenging life experiences while exploring her musical passions. Her first taste of songwriting ignited a flame inside the 15-year-old pop artist, with her music highlighting her impressive ability to get vulnerable on the page. Graf’s music is grounded in real-life narratives, her emotional lyrics propelling powerful melodies that are sure to resonate with listeners.

Today, Graf pulls inspiration from iconic musicians such as Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift, motivated to capture the essence of human emotions in her lyrics. Her signature raspy vocals and bold storytelling are reminiscent of the pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne and of Phoebe Bridgers, who is famous for her ability to pack much emotion into one song. With her debut song, “Barbie,” set to be released in March, Graf sets herself apart from others in the musical landscape by drawing on her personal experiences and a diverse collection of influences.

“Barbie” channels the conflicting emotions of young love and complications of comparison that are sure to connect and impress listeners with its infectious beats and relatable lyrics. This disarmingly honest tune was “born from a tangled situation: I liked a guy who was also talking to my friend. It sparked emotions that I ended up pouring into the music. Although this song is upbeat and fun, it’s also very vulnerable and relatable in a way."

Listeners of many ages can relate to Graf, who powerfully strings the lyric, “I find myself comparing, comparing myself to Barbie.” With long notes held out to reflect the heaviness of the comparison game, this singer-songwriter impresses with her upbeat tempo and passionate vocals. Reflecting on her journey of navigating first relationships, young love, and self-esteem, “Barbie” combines “elements of pop with a raw emotional edge, the song serves as a powerful anthem for anyone who has grappled with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.”

“Barbie” sets Graf up to make her mark on the music world, calling together all who have battled insecurity. So, get ready to let your female rage free by scream-singing along with this unapologetic jam of self-expression that is a reminder to everyone that you are enough.