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Felipe Vasquez's Innovation: Phone Up Studios' Impact on Digital Music Distribution

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FRecent years have seen a “democratization” of digital music thanks to the advent of platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube that allow anyone to self-publish their music online. However, for those who hope to make a career out of their music, this shift may not be as democratic as it seems. Up-and-coming recording artists still struggle to be taken seriously, and the record labels do not give them the time of day they deserve.

Enter The Phone Up Studios, a revolutionary entertainment company led by music business visionary Felipe Vasquez whose disruptive approach to the industry challenges the status quo of music, which has largely been led by the same handful of companies for decades. The Phone Up Studios is a creative hub that has already helped countless artists create careers in the music industry, reaching heights of success that they once thought were only in their dreams.

A refuge for new and exciting voices in music

Unfortunately, many of the legacy studios in the music industry are generally not set up to support emerging artists. Although you may hear a “Cinderella story” of a musical artist who gets picked up by a major label and becomes a viral success, these are not as common as they seem. More often, up-and-coming artists find themselves in over their heads, unable to navigate the complex and multifaceted nature of the music industry without the guidance and resources they need.

This is why The Phone Up Studios’s model is so refreshing. The “artist-first” label has made it its mission to support emerging artists, providing them with essential resources and guidance to help them navigate the challenges of the recording industry.

“We are relentless advocates for the unfiltered voices, the unrestrained visions, and the unapologetic authenticity that reside within every budding artist,” says Vasquez. “Our goal is to propel our artists towards boundless possibilities and transformative success.”

Unlike many disruptive labels, The Phone Up Studios does not limit itself to working with artists in one or a few genres. The company’s staff has the experience and knowledge to work with artists in various genres, from hip-hop to rap, pop, classical, freestyle, alternative, and more. Yet, even though the artists of The Phone Up Studios vary widely in the music they create, they are unified under their passion, creativity, and innovation.

How The Phone Up Studios supports emerging artists

One of the main reasons artists love working with The Phone Up Studios so much is that the label provides a wealth of support to help musicians bring their visions to life. The Phone Up Studios employs a skilled team of experienced engineers, producers, and graphic designers, in addition to having a vast network of industry contacts that can be leveraged to help make up-and-coming musicians’ dreams a reality.

Beyond this creative support, The Phone Up Studios also offers a level of financial support to artists that is virtually unparalleled in the music industry. The Phone Up Studios provides a compensation package designed to put more money back into artists’ pockets and an incredible benefits package that includes extensive paid time off and parental leave, full medical coverage, gym membership reimbursement, and career development opportunities. Few record labels provide this level of support to their artists — especially up-and-coming ones.

Artists also reap the benefits of The Phone Up Studios’s multifaceted business model. Alongside its record label, The Phone Up Studios operates a fashion brand and an entertainment division, which work in synergy with the record label to provide even more support for The Phone Up Studios’s artists. In addition to original designs, the company’s online store serves as a destination for fans to pick up the latest music and merchandise from their favorite artists.

The Phone Up Studios has also recently made tremendous strides in its entertainment division. With three film projects in the works — including the stoner comedy “Smoke Out,” the docuseries “Welcome to Hell,” and the horror film “Tyler Kills” — The Phone Up Studios is creating numerous opportunities in the entertainment industry, and even collaborates with some of their musical artists to create soundtracks for their film projects.

The music industry has been run the same way for years, making it incredibly challenging for unique, up-and-coming voices to make the splash they deserve. Thankfully, innovative disruptors like Felipe Vasquez and The Phone Up Studios are paving the way for a future of digital music that is more equitable for musicians.

“We do more than support our up-and-coming artists,” Vasquez concludes. “We empower them. Our goal is to help artists take their creativity to new heights.”