New Single "Drive Me Crazy" Elevates Lunar Lace's Bold Musical Journey - Elite Music News

Los Angeles, CA - March 20, 2024 - Marching to their own beat, Lunar Lace is an all-female pop-rock band making a splash with the arrival of their new single "Drive Me Crazy." Rewriting the rules of music with empowering defiance, the band radiates with an innovative fusion of rock, rap, and goth punk fashion. Led by the dynamic duo of vocalists Bueli and Zion, Lunar Lace crafts pop-rock music with undeniable talent and style.

Peaking in the top 11 of the rock charts, their debut single, "Drive Me Crazy," released on March 18, 2024, has launched Lunar Lace into a territory of heightened success. The song's infectious energy and visually mesmerizing music video, set in a distinctive mini-mart adorned with flashing icy blue neon lights, perfectly capture the band's electrifying vibe.

The band's music is a soulful expression of their genuine love for live instrumentation and authentic self-expression. Along with delivering captivating entertainment, Lunar Lace strives to be an inspiration, daring to challenge societal norms and ignite conversations through the universal language of music.

What truly separates Lunar Lace from the sea of musical acts is their merging of rock and rap, defying the constraints of conventional genres. By intertwining elements from both rap and rock with their distinct goth punk fashion flair, the band crafts a sonic and visual aesthetic that resonates and unites audiences with diverse music tastes.

Lunar Lace has rapidly garnered an abundance of devoted followers on social media, amassing a staggering 13,000-strong following on Instagram within the inaugural week of their debut release. Fans from every corner of the globe have eagerly embraced the band's empowering message of authenticity.

Driving Lunar Lace's ascent is a powerhouse lineup of industry figures who together bring a wealth of experience and talent to Lunar Lace, forming a formidable team capable of creating a unique and compelling sound. Bueli and Zion, the lead singers, have collaborated closely with renowned producers Jeff Blue, Jacob Bunton, and Ray Garrison, showcasing their significant presence and talent in the music industry. Kyla, the bassist, boasts an impressive resume, having played alongside notable artists such as Rico Nasty, Chloe Bailey, and Wyclef Jean, highlighting her versatility and proficiency. Tiffani, the drummer, brings extensive experience, having worked with prominent figures like Beyoncé, Rico Nasty, and Teezo Touchdown, demonstrating exceptional skill and professionalism. Together, these band members form a formidable team capable of creating a unique and compelling sound for Lunar Lace.

Esteemed producer Jeff Blue, who is celebrated for his collaborations with artists such as Macy Gray and Linkin Park, has graciously taken Lunar Lace under his wing. Blue provides invaluable guidance and sage counsel as they navigate the music industry. The band has also struck a harmonious chord with accomplished musician Jacob Bunton, whose artistic insights have played an instrumental role in shaping their distinctive sound and creative vision.

Reflecting on their awe-inspiring journey, the band members remember the pivotal moment when fate intertwined their paths with Jeff's, ultimately leading to a momentous signing that forever altered the trajectory of their destiny. Overflowing with gratitude for the mentorship and support provided by Jeff and Jacob, the band attributes their enduring creative evolution to the nurturing embrace of their esteemed mentors.

Lunar Lace envisions a kaleidoscope of bright opportunities and widespread impact in their future. With plans for exhilarating international tours, championing diversity and inclusion through the establishment of a distinctive brand, and collaborations with kindred spirits in the artistic and activist lanes, the band is poised to shake up the industry and inspire future generations to be daring in their creative pursuits.

About Lunar Lace:

Co-founded by Bueli and Zion, Lunar Lace boldly challenges the status quo and champions authenticity through their groundbreaking music. Skillfully blending elements of rock, rap, and goth punk fashion, Lunar Lace transcends genres and brings diversity to the music industry. Strapped with their infectious energy and memorable voices, Lunar Lace makes music that stands out and empowers.