Revel in Romance drops alluring new single “Smoke and Mirrors” - Elite Music News

Revel in Romance drops alluring new single “Smoke and Mirrors”

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Revel in Romance´s powerful and unique creative style has propelled the band to a dynamic momentum.

Saxony, Devin, Parker, Remington and Mark are back with a new release that comes at an ideal time, right before their EP drops to get fans pumped up about what´s coming, and with good reasons.

Revel in Romance got their start in Atlanta, Georgia; But their music has quickly spread like wildfire all across the United States and other countries in recent times, as more and more people discover this very talented and unique group of musicians who place their loyalty to each other, and to the music they create before everything else.

“Smoke and Mirrors” is the first single off the EP with the same title due to be released this summer.

The band´s new single “Smoke and Mirrors” now available on Spotify and across major platforms is a solid and refreshing body of work that will certainly be embraced by Revel in Romance fans who have been eagerly expecting new music, prior to the release of the full “Smoke and Mirrors” EP which is scheduled for this summer.

A lot has changed for these passionate and dedicated artists since their first show as Revel in Romance back in 2014, and their music shows it. Their sound keeps growing, while remaining authentic and memorable in every sense of the word with lively chords, powerful melodies and Saxony´s unmistakable voice guiding the listener to an alternative space where storytelling meets creative fluidity, garnishing an already compelling musical narrative.

For these young artists, the path has proven to be challenging at times, but also deeply rewarding. And after having performed at some of the biggest festivals in America, worked meticulously for months on their new music and polished even the most minute details to present the best possible version of their vision, its safe to say that Revel in Romance is more relevant now than ever before, but not nearly as relevant as we expect them to be within the next few months.