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This 19 year old DJ is taking the global music scene by storm

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Fito Silva has been making music for over 10 years and superstar DJ´s play his songs regularly around the world.

Since he was a kid, Fito Silva has had an undeniable passion for creating and performing music. He started out at 6 years old, playing around with his father´s computer using Sony´s ACID Pro 5.0 software to create his first remixes.

By age 10, Fito was already producing music with Ableton Live and pushing his creative boundaries to new levels as well as performing live at family parties and small events. Through commitment and consistency, Fito´s musical skills continued growing and with music being his only focus the young and talented producer kept searching for new challenges.

Lately, his music has reached a new level, both creatively and publicly with more and more people around the world following his moves and his new releases. By leveraging the power of online connectivity, the young producer has secured marquee collaborations with talented international artists such as Lana Shea, G4BBA, KLe Twins, and T Rabb among many others. Producing from his home studio in the city of Merida, Mexico this promising teenage super-producer has been taking the global music scene by storm.

While performing in large scale events in his country, Fito looks forward to global stages.

Living proof of this are the global luminaries who regularly play Fito´s tracks as part of their own sets during massive concerts and radio appearances. The list includes:

Hardwell (who´s played his music during iconic events such as EDC Las Vegas, UEFA Champions Festival, Summerburst and UshuaÏa Ibiza. Blasterjaxx, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Deorro have all done the same. This has helped turn Fito into an overnight sensation, with ten years in the making.

We caught up with the nineteen-year-old DJ and producer, and asked him a couple of exclusive questions for our readers at Elite Music News:

EMN: What sets you apart from all the other DJ´s and producers in today´s music scene?

FS: I think what makes me different is that I´ve been attracted to music from a very early age. My dad has a mobile disco for parties and I grew up surrounded by speakers and cd players so I realized I loved music and never looked back. From that day on I`ve focused only on creating music, I don´t have any other vices, my only vice is music. – he says with a big smile.

EMN: Which artists have influenced you? Who do you admire?

FS: In first place I´d have to say Afrojack. He´s been one of my biggest inspirations back from when I first started making music, I love that he´s still making bangers. I also look up to artists like Boombox Cartel, Skrillex and PEEKABOO cause of their fresh drops and inspiring melodies and finally Deorro, because he´s still producing what he likes, he stays true to his essence and I think that´s the hardest thing about being a producer.

EMN: How do you see yourself in 3 years?

FS: In 3 years I see myself focused, disciplined and reaching my goals. I dream about playing on stages like Ultra, Coachella, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, etc. And even though I know it´s a long road to that point, I love music and I will remain consistent until I get there.

Check out Fito´s single “Poor Girls Sangria” alongside Lana Shea on Spotify. And follow him on Instagram to witness his journey to the next level.