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5 New Stars Creating The Sound of Tomorrow

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1.- Verse Simmonds

The legend from the Virgin Islands is back with the incendiary new single “Gunstown” – an epic ode to the way of life so many of us can relate to. Whether you know Verse Simmonds as one of the most prolific pop songwriters of our time (penning chart topping hits for luminaries like Chris Brown among many others) or as a Grammy nominated music mastermind, one thing is certain, his artistic might is stronger than ever as the multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer and performer elevates his global listeners to new heights with an honest, agreeable and bold creative style.

2.- Fito Silva

The 19 year old DJ, producer and remixer who is taking the industry by storm has many surprises ready for his fans this year.

After the successful release of his latest single “Poor Girl Sangria” featuring Lana Shea, Fito has been approached by successful artists and producers from around the world for new collaborations, many of which are being crafted at this time with late summer release plans. By remaining faithful to his sound and creating fresh and exciting tracks that have been played at some of the world´s biggest stages by superstar DJ´s like Hardwell and Deorro to name a few, Fito has been able to continue moving forward and building what we consider to be a very promising career.

3.- Vinsint

Vinsint is definitely bringing funky back. The young artist´s refreshing melodies, harmonies and overall composition style are ripe and ready for that new Spotify playlist you´ve been meaning to put together.

An engulfing retro-contemporary flavor defines Vinsint´s work, with strong singles like “Jealousy Game” penned from an elevated vantage point and flawlessly executed, successfully cutting through the noise and transporting the listener to a new dimension of sonic bliss fit for any and all audiophiles out there.

Perhaps as appealing as his honest and unapologetic musical style is Vinsint´s raw originality which reminds one of the golden age of artistic expression.

4.- Selym Luciano

The artist known as Selym Luciano has become one of hip hop´s best kept secrets. Like a winning company right before its IPO, you get a special feeling when listening to his songs…you know you´re listening to hits!

“Go Crazy” is a song you´d expect to hear at the most exclusive nightclubs and all across radio airwaves. With a fresh twist on a familiar formula, Selym Luciano is making sure folks know he´s in it to win it.

“Music has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. My mom introduced me to 2pac and T.I’s music when I was a kid and ever since I’ve always loved music and the art of it. Soon after that is when I started writing rhymes as a young kid and high school is when me, Supreme, and Chill D started rapping for real. I love it.” – the talented MC says with a confident smile on his face.

5.- Nathan Zarowny

With a unique voice, and an unequivocal depth of spirit this young Canadian singer has experienced a love affair with music from a very young age.

Today, Nathan is getting ready to release his first original single this summer after his covers of popular songs have been praised by his fans and followers.

“I have so many musical influences probably too many to count. There are so many talented artists and musicians in the industry right now. A few that have really been inspiring me lately are Daniel Caesar, Tamino, and Billie Eillish I probably listen to them every day!” – Nathan shares.

While most artists find it difficult to infuse a successful song with their own personality while working on a cover, Nathan seems to have an unquestionable natural talent and the artistic sensibility that´s needed to make listeners lose themselves on his own versions of memorable songs.

“This last year my passion for music has hit a whole new level. I’m excited to be releasing music this summer/fall and for everyone to hear!” – Nathan affirms.