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Discover IRESPONSE the Secret Weapon of top Music Producers

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With countless music producers populating the scene, the true audio alchemists are never satisfied with their sound. Today´s super-producers have learned that audiences are always searching for something new, the next big sound so to speak.

For Richard Regist, a successful entrepreneur and accomplished singer, songwriter, producer and philanthropist, providing affordable alternatives for producers to acquire unique sound libraries, packed with exotic and highly enticing samples has been a passion and a mission.

Since Mr. Regist launched the digital marketplace IRESPONSE, he has received positive feedback from seasoned veterans in the music industry who endorse his company´s unique suite of professional production resources.

As an acclaimed artist and producer himself, Richard understands the importance that creative fluidity holds for professional music makers, and has personally overseen and refined IRESPONSE´s entire catalog in order to guarantee superior quality resources, at a lower cost.

An award winning hip hop producer expressed: “IRESPONSE is the most attractive option for any serious producer who wants to explore dope sounds that not everyone can get. Some of my most successful singles have included their sample packs.”

As the music industry continues its unpredictable expansion, independent artists and producers are uniquely positioned to create with more liberty now than ever before, thanks in part, to companies that democratize high quality resources that were previously reserved for a handful of major label talents.