5 Amazing New Artists you Should Follow - Elite Music News
So far 2020 has been a challenging year, as the world battles the current pandemic massive amounts of people have been forced to remain at home on lockdown; However, for music aficionados the quarantine has also brought the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of independent music. As we discover more and more talented artists we share with you this curated list for your listening pleasure.

Here are five amazing new artists you should follow:

1. Joanna Alina

This gifted singer and songwriter has been making waves with her pristine vocal abilities and her sweet and melancholic sound, that often transports listeners to a parallel universe, one where love and loss are beautifully exemplified though every melody and harmony. Joanna´s new single “Love Again” is available on Spotify and major platforms.

For Joanna Alina, making music that connect with her listeners has become a mission and a passion, as she constantly works on perfecting her craft while also enjoying the process of reaching increasingly large audiences.

Her honest and compelling musical style is certainly worth exploring, so sit back, relax and enjoy a voice that will touch your soul.

2. GEM

GEM is an artist in every sense of the word. The young and unapologetic creative has blown music executives away with her outstanding natural abilities and her keen understanding of the elements that make up a hit song.

Case in point, her latest single “After that” which is available across major platforms and reminds the listener of the flawlessly constructed chart-topping singles we know so well but in this case, with a twist.

Production wise, GEM´s songs are right up there with what one has come to expect from major label releases, however she´s an independent artist with complete creative control.

Her voice is soothing yet powerful and the instrumentation leaves the listener wanting more. One can´t help but wonder what the future might have in store for this rising star.

3. Claudio Parrone

Every once in a while, an artist with an unexpected, understated and honest musical style changes our perception of what independent music sounds like.

Claudio Parrone is a virtuoso of sorts; His uncanny ability for song and poetry writing, combined with the warm and inviting tone of his voice make for a delightful body of work. Claudio´s latest release is an EP titled “Stuck in Somnia” which is one of those rare examples of a record you can listen from start to finish without skipping a single second of a single song.

In a world that has become increasingly full of synthetic sounds and cookie cutter performers, Claudio is a breath of fresh air for any true music lover.

4. Eva Rose

Eva Rose is undoubtedly a gifted artist. Her refreshing, yet mesmerizing vocal abilities and the unquenchable thirst for creative expression that drives this young singer and songwriter have propelled her career to new heights.

During COVID-19 times, Eva Rose has experienced a creative renaissance of sorts, leveraging the power of information technologies to continue making and releasing music for the world to enjoy.

“My new single ‘Ashes’ is an indie and synth pop track about attempting to redo a relationship, despite knowing that you both always find ways to sabotage it. The cycle starts with a spark but always ends in ashes. This track was also entirely written and produced over FaceTime with my co-writer and producer Viv Parker, and it´s now available on all streaming platforms”

5. Mandi Crimmins

Incendiary power and a deep, dark charm characterize Mandi Crimmins, who has become an underground icon thanks to her uncompromising musical style and rebellious creative nature.

Mandi´s latest single “Making me hate you” has captured the attention of listeners around the world, and the official music video for the song is a visual triumph. Simple yet striking, the video offers a glimpse into the myriad of emotions and the metal thunderstorms countless people around the world face on a daily basis.

Thanks to her raw talent and elaborate vision, the girl who grew up listening to iconic bands like The Ramones or The Velvet Underground now finds herself in front of audiences, as a grown woman who uses art to incite reflexion.