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Hits Blunt and the Online Cultural Revolution

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If you're new to the cannabis space online, a great place to start exploring is the @HitsBlunt account.

The page- which up until now has been private- has astonishingly amassed a thriving audience of 3.3 million followers and garners over 20 million impressions per week.

In the industry, it has become the central jump off page to numerous sub-divisions within Cannabis such as healthy beauty, fashion, art, and entertainment.

Further- due to the stringent rules governing digital ads in the space, Hits Blunts has emerged as the premier sounding board for brands seeking consumer feedback and trigger points.

As a result of both its insulated and devoted community, Hits Blunt exists as one of the most unique and important social media pages today, having a truly unprecedented degree of power and authority for an emergent industry.