Winter Is Coming And Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Are Ready With Their New Favorite Delivery Service: Gopuff - Elite Music News

Winter Is Coming And Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Are Ready With Their New Favorite Delivery Service: Gopuff

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With winter just days away, Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka have got date night figured out as they spent Wednesday evening staying in as they indulged in all of their favorite snack foods that they ordered via popular delivery service goPuff. Neil shared their coveted date night via Instagram with a photo of he and his hubby snuggled up on the couch surrounded by treats and snacks to last them all night. Thanks to the conveniently fast delivery service of goPuff, Neil and David finally had an “uninterrupted” date night, per his Insta caption.

Then in a cute Boomerang on his IG story, the 46-year-old actor shows himself playfully throwing popcorn into the air to catch in his mouth as David spoons ice cream into his mouth. As for the abundance of snacks, Neil credits an empty stomach for the huge goPuff order.

In their goPuff haul, the date night duo ordered everything from Doritos, Funyuns, Cheetos, Reese’s, Cheez-It’s, pints of Ben & Jerry’s, Kettly Brand potato chips Sour Patch Kids candy and more. After a double-feature date night, the binge-worthy banquet of snack foods proved a far better night in than braving the cold winter air.

But Neil and David aren’t the only celebs that use goPuff. In October of this year, Houston Rocket James Harden announced his partnership with goPuff by way of a minute-long Instagram video where he shares his excitement for his involvement with the company.

The video reveals the NBA 2018 MVP pulling up in a red-hot Lamborghini to a sleek mansion in the hills complete with an indoor and outdoor basketball court. From the indoor court, James tells viewers to “order goPuff today,” before explaining how game changing a delivery service like this is. The NBA star believes that with goPuff, thousands will be relieved of extra stress thanks to the convenience of this service. The video ends with the Houston Rocket hitting a jumpshot. He then turns to his right where he’s met with a Bodyarmor sports drink and a goPuff bag of goodies.

Other celebs have enjoyed the convenience of goPuff as well. In fact, Lala Anthony ordered all her favorite snacks to be delivered directly to her on the set of Power earlier this year. Though waiting on set in between set-ups can be tedious, Lala was thrilled to learn that she could still manage a virtual “trip to the store” with goPuff.

Other celebrities include Los Angeles Laker, Danny Green and rap star Meek Mill as they both use goPuff on the road during the NBA season and on tour around the U.S. When they need a quick fix and can’t be bothered to go to the store, goPuff is there.

And with an inexpensive flat rate of only $1.95 per order, why would anyone want to go to the store anyway? As many begin to hunker down for the winter, goPuff is the perfect delivery service when you’re craving some snacks and candy, or you’re out of toilet paper or even when you’re down for the count with a bad head cold and need some over the counter meds. The delivery service has it all, available for you 24/7 in most cities.

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