Meet the millennial business tycoon that´s friends with your favorite rappers - Elite Music News

Meet the millennial business tycoon that´s friends with your favorite rappers

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Sashin Govender a successful 25 year old entrepreneur and performance mentor with acclaimed rapper Rich The Kid.

By constantly developing his mental skills Sashin Govender the 25 year old South African entrepreneur, public speaker and performance coach has accomplished a meteoric rise to prominence on the world stage, even becoming a close friend and performance coach to some of the most acclaimed artists of this generation.

Govender knows that hard work, discipline and commitment are all key ingredients for success, however, he attributes his privileged lifestyle to four main pillars: health, wealth, relationships and spirituality which he encourages his followers to practice on a daily basis while being mindful of the endgame, the goal they wish to achieve in their lives and the vision that will make it possible.

Sashin Govender and Soulja Boy spend time together at the rapper´s multi-million dollar mansion in Malibu, California.

Sashin has developed a system to maximize his public impact by sharing the fruits of the countless hours and massive dollar amounts he has invested in personal development with his social media followers which run in the hundreds of thousands and keep growing every day. An avid chess player, this accomplished entrepreneur has also refined his methodologies to consolidate his personal brand while mentoring others on how to do the same.

Globally acclaimed artist, producer and philanthropist Akon with Sashin Govender in Beverly Hills, California.

When he´s not touring the world speaking in front of large crowds at various events and seminars, Govender is often found in Beverly Hills coaching, developing deals or simply hanging out with some of your favorite rappers and entertainers.

Award winning performers like Akon and prolific rap superstars such as Soulja Boy, Rich The Kid, 2Chainz and many more have been spotted spending time with Sashin Govender some of them have even been featured on his marquee vlog “The Millionaire Student Show”.

So, what does this millennial entrepreneur want to achieve with his new found fame and public recognition? He claims he wants to use his platform to empower and help others teaching them effective strategies to lead better lives. Will he be able to accomplish his goal? Only time will tell.

2 Chainz and Sashin Govender hanging out at the Lakers game in Los Angeles, California.