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4 amazing artists you need to know about.

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by Elite Music News

Remarkable music is often made by people from very different backgrounds, located in opposite corners of the planet, all of whom share an inexorable calling to express their creativity and share it with the world.

From home studios and late nights writing and rehearsing their songs to large stages, record deals and skyrocketing social media followings these 4 prolific performers are approved by Elite Music News and waiting to be added to your playlist.

Oksana has developed a unique sound by exploring her own creativity.

1- Oksana Grigorieva

This talented and beautiful singer, songwriter and professional pianist has always been linked to music, as a young girl in her natal Russia, she began discovering her natural gift for flawlessly interpreting complex songs on the piano. A skill that would take her far later in life, landing her a spot at the ultra prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London which is the oldest conservatoire in the United Kingdom, founded in 1822 and known for harboring and developing only the most talented musicians and performers.

After completing her advanced studies, Oksana relocated to the United States where her career continued to flourish. Her undeniable musical skills were passed on to young talents as Oksana developed a patented system for teaching musical notation to children.

Oksana Grigorieva is a multi-faceted artist who is bringing glamour back to popular music.

Having perfected a mesmerizing vocal and instrumental technique and created a distinctive style for her work, Oksana Grigorieva has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world with her powerful singles “Beautiful Heartache” and “Evening with Daddy”. Her career keeps evolving as she gets ready to release new material, taking her passionate and unapologetic journey into musical history to the next level.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, this talented and creative star has launched a heartwarming campaign called “NeverBeBasic” which aims to spark a light and make people feel good by remembering that there are ways to recover personal strength and motivation after experiencing setbacks or even suffering from trauma.
As Oksana puts it: “NeverBeBasic is a campaign derived from a song I have on my upcoming album and a burning desire to make a difference in this world, no matter how big or small, bringing positive changes and healing to the lives of others.”
Watch Oksana Grigorieva´s “Evening with Daddy”

2- Izack Hunt

This naturally gifted seventeen year old singer and songwriter from Australia has always been drawn to music. He started covering songs by major artists like The Weekend and soon began to perfect the craft of songwriting to express his own distinctive style.

Izack´s original song “Bad Love” is a bonafide hit track with strong lyrical composition and a mature and engulfing sound carefully crafted to highlight Izack´s natural vocal abilities which guide the listener through what feels like a bright and exciting discovery for anybody who loves music and values the freshness and honesty of new and genuinely talented performers such as Izack Hunt, a name we´re certain you´ll be hearing much more about in times to come.

Watch Izack performing “Bad Love” live here:

3- J.Lamotta

A staggering mixture of creative vision, versatile style and passion for art have helped J.Lamotta harvest the attention of audiophiles in different continents. After performing in global music capitals like Berlin and Seoul, touring Japan and exploring new facets of her creative journey, this talented and dedicated artist with a mesmerizing voice is getting ready to release her new EP titled “Suzume” a well balanced and beautiful attestation to the constant evolution of the neo-soul sound.

The first single off this body of work is called “Turning” and it blends a selection of highly compelling artistic stimuli to transport the listener to an idyllic atmosphere of laid back grooves. With the music world opening its doors for J.Lamotta it would be wise to follow her on a journey that is certain to keep you hooked.

4- Illa J

This Detroit native has been a part of the global music scene for years and has always excelled at creating melodically sophisticated that have gotten his fans across the world hooked to the wistful and steadily honest sound that has turned John Derek Yancey, better known as Illa J and also legendary hip hop producer and rapper J Dilla´s younger brother into one of this generation´s most revered performers.

His “John Yancey Tour” has already sold out dates in key cities such as London, New York City, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin and Santiago, Chile just to name a few. With a new single out by the name of “Tokyo” and thousands of fans eagerly awaiting to see him performing live, we can certainly expect great energy and unfiltered performances by this iconic originator of an irrefutable rhythmic revolution.