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Richmond, VA (April 17, 2024) - Virginia's own Erin & The Wildfire are the magnetic pop and indie band igniting excitement with the recent release of their latest LP, “Lightning So Blue.” The sweepingly upbeat single arrives as a captivating fusion of pop and indie elements, intricately interwoven with a dazzling dose of soul. Lead singer Erin Lunsford's emotive vocals guide the track, boldly escorting listeners through evocative subject matter that explores intimacy, relationships, and the celebration of female pleasure from a distinct yet relatable perspective.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the new single, Lunsford emphasizes that "Lightning So Blue" stands out as her favorite among the songs recorded in the past year. She describes it as a track that is undeniably fun while also possessing a sensual and mysterious quality that sets it apart. Within the depths of "Lightning So Blue," the band's lead vocalist delves into themes of honesty and trust within intimate relationships. Her lyrics aim to dismantle societal taboos surrounding female pleasure, providing a voice for empowerment and liberation. As a woman, Lunsford understands that women's pleasure is often expected to be kept quiet and hidden in society. Choosing to defy that limiting belief, "Lightning So Blue" instead emboldens women to express and embrace the feelings of intimate pleasure they experience.

Behind the scenes, producer Rob Dunnenberger, alongside recording at Spacebomb Studio in Richmond, Virginia, has carefully crafted the sonic composition of "Lightning So Blue." The creative stylings of the producer and band result in a track that effortlessly sways from dark, bass-heavy verses to shimmering, bright choruses, enchanting listeners with its harmonious diversity.

Originating from humble beginnings as college friends in Charlottesville, Virginia, Erin & The Wildfire have evolved into a tightly-knit musical unit over the past decade. With the powerhouse vocals of Erin Lunsford at the helm, the band sculpts its music with a fusion of the pop, funk, and indie genres. Their music stands rooted in themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and social change, resonating with audiences far and wide. Following the success of their second album, Touchy Feely, released in 2022, Erin & The Wildfire have captivated audiences both on streaming, sold-out shows, and prestigious events like NPR’s Mountain Stage. They've set out on national tours, sharing stages with iconic acts such as Chaka Khan and Jill Scott, and graced major festivals across the East Coast.

With the release of “Lightning So Blue,” Erin & The Wildfire continue to push artistic boundaries, inspiring listeners with their eccentric blend of moving melodies and pop/indie rhythms. "Lightning So Blue" ultimately promises to be a fun, freeing, and fulfilling listening experience, dripping in a hypnotic guitar beat, ethereal vocals, and punchy basslines, that leave listeners eager to enjoy the song on repeat.

About: Erin & The Wildfire:

Erin & The Wildfire is a unique pop and indie powerhouse hailing from Virginia. Led by the mesmerizing vocals of Erin Lunsford, the band's melodic music and enticing instrumentals seamlessly blend pop, funk, and indie vibes, resonating deeply with their devoted and ever-growing audience. With a reputation for vibrant live performances, thought-provoking lyrics, and an eye-catching aesthetic, Erin & The Wildfire continues to stand out in the music industry.