From Underground to Mainstream: Following the Path of a UK Rising Star - Elite Music News

The artistic endeavour of Nigerian-British rapper Gotti Major originated in his early childhood, when the pulsating beats of MTV and KISS inspired his desire to make music. Gotti Major's passion for music consumption caused him to become enthralled by Grime's alluring sounds. A genre that would eventually establish his own sound as an artist in the music industry.

His main influences originated from the likes of Wiley & Skepta the originators of Grime. It was the relentless carefree nature of these artists that initiated the spark to create in a similar manner which would propel his career indefinitely.

The desire to be able to have a platform and take the same stand was fuelled by this unrepentant attitude, which was centred around honesty and free speech. Gotti Major took use of this freedom to investigate self-expression as an art form and to defy social standards. This opened the door for Gotti Major to write lyrics that are uncompromising and deeply ingrained in the Grime culture.

During the creative process, Gotti Major has an interpersonal outlook when it comes to writing and recording. He prefers the intimacy of himself and the four walls of the studio. Void of any distractions and interference from the busking streets of London. Surrounded by the solitude and tranquillity of his bedroom, Gotti Major is able to self-reflect and replicate his personified journey into his lyrical foundation. He explores the depths of his sentiments and imagination, fusing the two to create melodies and lyrics that reflect his current state of mind. Gotti Major is able to comfortably express himself in a way that is relevant through this raw and inspiring process.

Conversely, Gotti Major is bursting with energy while he's in the booth, during his creative moment. His body is flooded with adrenaline as he makes his sound. Collaborating with his trusted engineers, Gotti Major refines his bedroom sound to create a polished, excellent track. Every track is a demonstration of his hunger, drive and dedication to his craft.

From the upbeat tempos to the authentic structure of Grime, Gotti Major’s sound is as versatile as the genre of Grime. There is a distractive correlation between the evolution of Grime and drill which is evident within Gotti Major’s sound. This is a true representation of Gotti Major’s ability as an artist to grow and adapt to the sound he resides with at the current time. Speaking about some of his favourite songs to perform, he said that, although it's an older song, "Heavy Weight" is a particularly good one. His devoted fans are renowned for knowing the entire song by heart, showcasing his true testament to his art. He carries on to say that Naija Boy is the song that is most popular to perform, after Samual Jackson. Gotti Major usually knows what the crowd wants to hear, so when he's set to perform, he doesn't worry, which helps him create the electrifying environment that has become synonymous with his gigs.

To further his creative output, Gotti Major seeks to connect with like-minded artists who can relate to not only his sound but the process it takes to create a masterpiece. He is drawn to musicians who push and encourage him to achieve new heights, such as Babyface, Currency, and Max B, the man who coined the phrase "wavy". Seeing his inspiring theatrical performances would be one way to feel the eclectic energy of Gotti Major. He is a force to reckon with commanding the stage and empowering his audience with his sound.

From intimate stages to packed performances at the O2 Academy, he captivates audiences, his music stands as a testament to the potency of self-expression and the timeless language of music. Moving forward and upward is the trajectory of Gotti Major's career. With unwavering dedication to his craft and a hunger to produce high-quality music, he is poised to unveil new tracks, with a single on the brink and an EP in progress.

For Gotti Major, his music is more than just a career; it is a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery, a constant evolution of self-expression and creativity. And as he continues to push the boundaries of his art, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the saga of Gotti Major.