@Rnbmusic Puts the Authenticity Back in Rhythm & Blues - Elite Music News

@Rnbmusic is the voice of the modern R&B music scene. Created by music marketing expert Austin Dunn, @Rnbmusic gives a platform to artists whose music stands independently. @Rnbmusic allows new artists to be showcased alongside the greats like Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, showing the world that genuine talent and emotion still exist in an industry ruled by sales numbers.

Dunn started @Rnbmusic in 2019. He had been working at a major music marketing company for the past three years, and while music is his passion, the type of music he was promoting did not speak to him. Dunn has plenty of experience in music marketing; his agency worked with huge artists like Future, Kodak Black, and Lil Baby. @Rnbmusic was his way of taking the skills he learned at the marketing agency and using them to promote artists in his favorite genre: R&B.

The @Rnbmusic Instagram page was just a passion project at first. Dunn aimed to take everything he did not like about the music industry and leave it behind. Working in marketing showed him that the industry values numbers and sales over raw talent. He wanted @Rnbmusic to be a place where people only ever discussed how music makes them feel. The page is about the emotional connection to great music - no autotune or sales numbers allowed.

It quickly became apparent that Dunn was not the only R&B fan feeling disillusioned by the genre's direction. @Rnbmusic quickly grew a large following, starting with 80,000 followers in its first year. The following year, the number of followers increased to 150,000, and by 2022, the page had amassed over 500,000 followers. Currently, @Rnbmusic has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, and Dunn is excited to take the idea to the next level.

Promoting authentic R&B artists like Victoria Monet, Teddy Swims, and Coco Jones on Instagram is already exciting. Still, Dunn is planning a significant expansion that will increase the brand's reach. A podcast, news site, and live performance platform are all in @Rnbmusic’s future. Dunn has sunk thousands of his own savings into building the @Rnbmusic brand, but it has all been worth it. He knew there was a market for up-and-coming artists with R&B vibes, but it was nerve-wracking to first strike out on his own. After the first year and watching his following grow, Dunn knew he had created something special. His goal now is to spread the influence of the brand and keep showing the world that talent exists outside of record sales and TikTok fads.

@Rnbmusic has had the honor of helping small artists grow their careers, and the brand plans to continue doing just that. R&B may not get the same attention as pop and hip-hop, but it is a thriving genre brought to the world’s attention by enthusiasts like Dunn. @Rnbmusic is already an established brand but has much more to give. An R&B revolution is coming, and @Rnbmusic is on the front lines.