Defining The Path To Self-Discovery: Lola Kristine Releases "chapter three: into the woods" - Elite Music News

The captivating single chapter three: into the woods is the latest release from bohemian vocalist Lola Kristine, who is tucked away in the creative refuge of Southern California. This two-track masterwork, which was released on January 19, 2024, is a profound investigation of self-discovery, empowerment, and the raw honesty that characterizes Lola's unique musical style.

Listeners are taken on an introspective trip into the depths of Lola's memories with the opening track, "Find Me in the Wilderness," as she returns to her inner child and her roots. This dark rock masterpiece is an unwavering dedication to embracing the wild spirit inside, fighting secret demons, and escaping bonds. Lola's attitude of tenacity is echoed in the chorus, which declares, "I will not be afraid because I know the sun will rise again." Lola herself describes this song as the crucial missing link that deftly connects the whole record, urging listeners to experience a rediscovery of their inner untamed selves.

"Living for Myself," a blues rock revelation recorded live in the studio, follows this captivating introduction. The song perfectly captures the unadulterated, raw energy of Lola's performance and is a potent proclamation of female empowerment and independence. This song, which was Lola's answer to a music manager who wanted her to stick to a certain style to succeed, represents her brave resistance to artistic captivity.

The album artwork created by Diana Rosa Cordova and Lucas Halopoff is a depiction of Lola's musical journey. Beautiful to look at, the artwork complements the wide range of musical styles in chapter three: into the woods, where Lola finds inspiration in a variety of genres such as blues, country rock, Americana, and vintage soul. Lola's distinct musical style is effortlessly infused with elements of Aretha Franklin, Brandi Carlile, The Lone Bellow, and Sister Sparrow.

The credits for these songs demonstrate the teamwork involved; artists such as Jesse Stern and Cameron Morgan are highlighted, as are Diana Rosa Cordova and Taria Buchanan's ambient howling. The personal visual experience of the live music video for "Living for Myself," which is scheduled to premiere one week following the album's release, is expected to transport listeners to the thrilling atmosphere of Lola's studio performance.

chapter three: into the woods, released via Spotify, is a part of Lola's longer musical story, which is fittingly named CHAPTERS. This record unfolds akin to pages from her intimate journal, beckoning listeners to connect with their own life experiences. It is proof of the emancipating process of realizing one's own self and the transformational power of genuine love. This is particularly significant since it is Lola's debut release with the all-female indie label World Peach Records, which lends further weight to this phase of her career.

Often praised as "the little girl with the big voice," Lola Kristine has come a long way from her modest upbringing in St. Louis, Missouri. She has made a name for herself in the music world with her popular TikTok video, partnerships with well-known artists, and performances fit for a rock star. Through the poignant intensity of her songs, Lola inspires us all to rediscover the profound beauty in the universe as she graces stages and clubs throughout the Southern California coast.