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Jordan Bolch – Making Waves in the Music Industry through Compelling Songs and Albums

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Music is one of the most prominent forms of entertainment and leisure that allows people to relax and manage stress by delving into interesting compositions and lyrics. Singers and musicians appeal to the audiences’ emotions by producing catchy tunes and songs. Music witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years, especially since the development and evolution of smartphones and portable media players that enable people to listen to music on the go. The forms and genres of music also evolved significantly, paving the way for new singers to showcase their talents and skills. Although music witnessed significant growth as an industry in recent years, the evolution also led to increased competition due to the constant demand for new content, songs, and albums.

The music industry is one of the most competitive fields, with thousands of new and aspiring singers, songwriters, and musicians attempting to make it big with their skills and talents annually. Despite their talents and expertise, the demand for new songs and content forces thousands of singers into obscurity. Only a few succeed in their objective of making a name in music or achieving fame through singing due to the cutthroat competition and requirement for unparalleled talent. Talented singers develop compelling songs and albums that captivate audiences while garnering worldwide popularity despite cultural and linguistic differences. The ability of singers to captivate audiences is evident from the millions of downloads and views of songs of talented singers on music-sharing or video-streaming sites. Jordan Bolch has stood out with his unforgettable songs. He is a talented singer-songwriter who received significant popularity on music and video streaming sites for a large part of his catalog.

Jordan Bolch is a singer, songwriter, music producer, and entrepreneur with several hit singles and popular albums, entertaining audiences worldwide through his music. Bolch was interested in the performing arts, singing, and music from an early age. The passion compelled him to complete a bachelor’s degree in cinema television, focusing on production in 2008 from Southern Methodist University. However, Bolch could not pursue a music career due to his entrepreneurial obligations in the family business. He was born into the affluent Bolch family, who owned one of America’s largest gasoline service station chains, RaceTrac. Bolch became a board member of the company and worked in various roles while establishing Swirl World frozen treats shops in RaceTrac locations. Bolch met prominent music producers Patrick Collier and Akuarium in 2015, who inspired him to establish his namesake music studio, the Jordan Bolch Company.

Bolch started his music career in 2015 with his debut full-length album, Slide, comprising twelve songs through his newly developed production company. He also produced and released music videos for several songs from the album, including Slide, and Now You Know. Bolch released his second full-length album World Tour in 2019 and World Remixes, in 2020. The two albums also accompanied instrumental versions of all songs on the albums. The singer started his live performances in 2015 by performing at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, GA, performing several of his songs from the Slide album. Bolch also performed at the GA Music Awards at the Grand Opera House in Macon, CA, and at the Centennial Olympic Park Fireworks Spectacular in Atlanta, GA, in 2016.

Bolch’s other live performances in 2016 include the Carolina Music Awards at the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts in Raliegh, NC, and the Dream Music Festival at Riverdale Town Center Amphitheater in Riverdale, GA. The same year, he performed at the JFly Music Festival at Phoenix Park in Waycross, GA, and the Bolles School Homecoming in Jacksonville, FL. Jordan Bolch continued his live performances by returning to the Centennial Olympic Park Fireworks Spectacular and at the Whiskey Mistress in Atlanta, GA, in 2017. The singer performed at the Imagine Festival in 2018 and the Battery at SunTrust Park in 2018 and 2019 in Atlanta, GA.

Bolch performed at a private music event, Lugoland, in Miami, FL, in 2021 alongside several prominent artists, including Virtual Riot and Friends, Cory Enemy, Lektrique & Leah Culver, and Akuarium. Bolch’s 2021 performances include the 2021 Imagine Festival in Atlanta, E11EVEN Beach Club and Water Park performance in Orlando, FL, and EMBR Lounge Lost in Space Akuarium & Six Feather Party in Atlanta. In 2022, the singer performed live at the Spaceman for Jessica Brown’s Birthday Party in Atlanta, GA. Jordan Bolch recently performed at the Super Bowl Party at Lugoland in Miami, FL, with Akuarium in February 2023. Bolch recently released the music video for B.U.T.R, Pt. II, which received over a million views in a few weeks. The singer will release a full-length album in 2023, which is highly anticipated by fans due to the teasers released by Bolch on various platforms.