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Emily Alexandra Guglielmo: A Mermaid´s Journey Into Music and Magic.

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She represents a new generation of talented entrepreneurs, beautiful and successful: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo – a published model, national actress and face of multiple large scale campaigns, successful brand builder, professional mermaid and passionate philanthropist who has decided to use her platform to inspire and help others; The vivacious star is also an inspiration for countless women around the world.

For her, music is the driving force of motivation and energy that accompanies her through her daily endeavors. From reviewing and approving product samples for her cosmetics line, to organizing charitable missions in Africa, Emily always relies on her favorite music to put her in a positive state of mind.

“Music is my life! I do a lot of driving since I travel all over the state and country… actually, all over the world So for me, I always have my music playlists with Apple Music. I am really into country, jazz, and hip hop right now, but my overall year round music I listen too is Missy Higgins, Mariah Carey, and Drake. Keep an eye out for me in music videos coming out with all types of artists, even reggaeton!” – Emily states.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has experienced major success as the founder of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics - a burgeoning company that has exhibited unstoppable growth since it was founded - thanks to its superior quality products and Emily´s innate talent as a product developer.

Emily´s lifelong passion for the ocean is what made her pursue her dream of becoming a real life mermaid. She has made a name for herself, and is internationally known for her beautiful mermaid identity, which has inspired other projects too. But this influence also makes her aware of her power to effect positive change in the world. Throughout her entire life, Emily Alexandra has felt a strong passion for the ocean and a special connection to its creatures.

Emily´s vehicle to do good is the non profit “Supporting Water”, an organization that helps to provide drinking water to those who need it most. Primarily in developing countries that do not have access to this vital resource.

Emily recently granted us an interview, and here´s what she shared:

1. Why did you first decide to launch your charity “Supporting Water” and how did you go about it?

Ever since I was little I’ve always had a passion to help emerging countries get clean water; The core to life is clean drinking water. Humans can live for weeks without food, but when it comes to clean drinking water, we can’t survive without it…on average people can’t go 3-4 days without water! This truly is fundamental when it comes to many health issues.

Being a professional mermaid for more than 8 years now, the passion has grown with time as it has morphed into a non-profit coming to fruition one step at a time.

I’m now transforming SupportingWater.org into more than just a non-profit that brings clean drinking water to emerging nations in new and innovative ways, it’s becoming a vessel for communities and villages to thrive on their own and to become self-sustaining in their economies with fully-functioning hospitals, schools, shelters, and more!

2. What benefits does the “Supporting Water straw” provide for people who were previously unable to access clean and safe drinking water?

It’s so cool! You can literally take it on your person anywhere you go, and sip from any source of water! It’s cleans 99% of all bacteria! This is great even for people backpacking, hiking, or even in times of distress like during wars, where refugees don’t have access to drinking water. We are actually sending out a shipment to Ukraine this week to help.

3. Can you share some advice with other entrepreneurs who juggle multiple careers and/or projects at the same time?

This is a great question. I love to delegate tasks to the correct person that can help me in the best and quickest way for that task at that time!

I have to always re-check everything, but it certainly helps to expedite the process in executing the task in the quickest and most efficient way.

4. What is your morning ritual like? How do you get energy for the day ahead?

I love to wake up and the first thing I do is stretch; I then go work out. My workouts include of cycling, pilates, running and swimming. Working out in the morning boosts your mood, immune system, and your heart health! I’m training for a triathlon right now.

5. What has been your favorite project in the last 6 months and what are you looking forward to doing in the next 6 months?

I’ve really enjoyed creating the new Siren Series with my Cosmetic Collection!

This has been so much fun perfecting the formulas, creating the new & improved packaging, as well as planning for large scale distribution; I also love that I’ve been getting booked for commercials and projects which include speaking roles.

Stay tuned for more fun projects in the very near future…. I love to have my hands in many baskets! I’m looking into my own NFT collection and creating a few patents of my own.

Please follow me on social media and keep up with what I’m doing on Instagram® @EmilyGuglielmo or @TheEmilyAlexandra