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Meet 3 Exciting New Artists Changing The Independent Landscape

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With the unstoppable rise of content consumption via digital platforms and social media, talented independent artists from all walks of life have been able to connect with global audiences and build an organic fanbase.

Whether these talented rising stars create original songs, perform covers or both, one thing is certain: these three exciting new artists are changing the independent music landscape.

1- Natalie Goodman

We always focus on looking for great talents, those who touch your soul with their voice from the first time you listen to them, such is the case of Natalie Goodman, this talented young woman stands out thanks to her natural beauty and the freshness of her voice.

When life became difficult, Natalie took her guitar and began to write, through music she managed to overcome the obstacles that life was putting her, we are sure that anyone who takes refuge in the voice of this great artist not only You will forget the difficulties you are going through, if not, it will be inevitable to add sweetness and peace to your life.

Natalie has not only consolidated her reputation as an exciting performer, but has also served on the front lines of the current COVID-19 pandemic, picking up extra night shifts at the ER to give patients a better chance at recobery.

Great Nashville writers, musicians, and producers have worked with this award-winning artist.

Goodman released his first single "Just a Friend" in November 2018, since its release she has positioned himself in important radio and internet programs. It should be noted that with this song she was officially nominated for 3 JMA in the categories of "Song of the Year", "Rising Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Rising Female Artist of the Modern Country of the Year" As if this whole story wasn't inspiring enough, Natalie is currently working as an EMT in one of Savannah's busiest emergency rooms, Ga, as she awaits the start of Medical School. She is very passionate about helping people through medicine and music. It remains for us to extend our sincere thanks for the great work he does every day and for healing so many people from the purity of his voice.

2- Nicola Malcolm

The young and bright singer, songwriter and performer has inspired a new generation of teenage artists to follow their dreams. “As I got older I got more and more involved with singing and performing. When I was 9 years old I was the lead singer in a children's band for 3 years and we performed at the Santa Parade and other events. When I was 11 years old I played an orphan in 'Annie’ the musical in Christchurch and I have recently been cast as Gaelen in 'Legally Blonde' the musical, through my high school which is currently on hold due to the lockdown. I also play the piano and do piano lessons.

I don't really have just one favourite song, but I do like high songs such as 'Shallow' by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, 'Girl on fire' by Alicia Keys and 'Rise up' by Andra Day.”

Nicola is currently working on her first studio single set to be released later this year.

3- Marly

Without hesitation when speaking of voices with an amazing musicality and power, Marly positions herself at the top of our minds. Her voice captivates audiences who are fortunate to hear her sing.

The vivacious and talented interpreter has always experienced a profound connection with music and as she follows her calling she has also managed to discover the true power of her innate artistic abilities.

Thanks to her versatile personality, Marly manages to create an artistic authenticity that is reflected in each of her songs. Not everyone is fortunate to have a voice that manages to transmit an energy so strong that it impacts your day and drives it to be better.

Marly has risen to become one of the new underground rising stars that have been shaping the sound of a modern generation, a generation of independent artists who will not compromise their artistic integrity.

You can listen to her latest songs on her official itunes page: Marly Songbird.