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Aleisha Malcolm Is New Zealand´s Hidden Musical Gem

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Eighteen-year-old Aleisha Malcolm has captured the attention of international music executives.

New Zealand is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, honest and hospitable people…and recently, also for its scintillating new artistic talents, such as the young and captivating singer & songwriter Aleisha Malcolm.

Her deep and moving voice has the power to effectively turn melancholy into inspiration, as her natural talent floods the sonic waves, instantly transporting the listener to a better, brighter world.

But life has not been easy for this gifted performer, she has experienced firsthand the challenges of adapting to particular settings and dispositions.

Aleisha comes from a close and loving family, her upbringing reflects a myriad of essential human values, and her parents Sally and Gordon could not be more proud of the bright young woman that has blossomed before their eyes. Aleisha´s beloved sisters Olivia and Nicola also have a natural talent for music, and the three young women certainly do create heavenly melodies when performing together.

Aleisha granted us an exclusive interview, this is the chance to get to know this up and coming star, up close and personal.

When did you first discover your passion for music?

I first discovered my passion for music at a super young age, my dad was always listening to music and singing around the house, I honestly can’t remember not singing! Its been a huge part of my life and a love of mine for as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely lucky my whole life to have the most supportive family encouraging me through my whole music journey!

How has the fact that your beautiful mother, Sally, is hearing impaired inspired you to pursue your artistic calling?

So my beautiful mum contracted meningitis when she was 21 months old, the antibiotics that saved mum’s life from the meningitis permanently damaged her hearing, she was then announced profoundly deaf, so she has never heard anyone in my family, or myself, talk or sing. Seeing the look on her face when I perform is the most rewarding thing. I’ve learnt so many valuable things from my mum, but one thing that is huge to me is the fact that she has never let the fact that she can’t hear stop her from doing anything. She is the strongest most driven lady that I know and has taught me to believe in myself and work hard in everything that I do, her and my family are my biggest supporters.

What is your biggest dream when it comes to music?

My biggest dream would be to be a well known artist and to perform to a massive crowd, I would love to create my own album one day and inspire as many people as I can to achieve their dream goals too. The feeling of performing to people is like no other!

As a native of New Zealand shining on the international music stage, can you share a piece of advice with the younger generations who look up to you and wish to follow your footsteps?

I wouldn’t say I’m on the international music stage yet, but that is the dream! The best piece of advice I can give is to just keep working at it! Good things take time and that really is such a good saying, keep singing and working hard!

What does art mean to you?

Art to me is a form of expression, there are so many different types of art, music, dancing, painting, so much more. They all mean a lot to me because they are a way for people to express themselves and their emotions, and a way to get a message across, also a way for people to connect with each other. For example, I sing a lot of sad songs! Although I am a super bubbly person, a lot of people can connect with music that has a deep meaning or can relate to the songs, hence why I sing them, sad songs are also just so beautiful. Art/music truly brings people together, and I love it,

Please name 3 major influences on your artistic style.

Taylor Swift’s country/pop music was a huge part of my childhood! Billie Eilish, her voice is hauntingly beautiful and her songs are insanely well written. Robinson, she is a New Zealand artist and her voice is incredible, so inspiring to see a fellow NZ’er doing so well in the industry!

How would Aleisha Malcolm want to be remembered?

I would want to be remembered as someone who inspired and helped people, if I can inspire other artists to pursue their dreams or help someone through hearing my music, that would truly make me so happy.

What have been some of the biggest life challenges you have faced? Events that have shaped your perception and helped you acquire the depth of spirit you clearly possess?

I wouldn’t say this was a challenge but I definitely think my mum being hearing impaired has helped shape me into who I am today, it’s made me very expressive and really understanding about the fact that everyone has a story to tell, it’s taught me not to let anything stop me from achieving my goals!