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Why California Based Creatives Are Choosing Splitbud

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Since back when Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were dominating the airwaves all across Los Angeles, groups of friends have joined together to buy their weed in bulk.

This wasn´t just part of the lifestyle, it was also a way to save money while getting more product. Long nights at the studio, road trips, live performances and epic songwriting sessions can all be connected to friends who smoked together and shared the bud.

In today´s digital world, there are new alternatives that make getting a hold of the best cannabis in the market at discount rates of up to 65% less than dispensary prices a reality.

The perfect example is Splitbud, a successful startup company and tech platform that leverages the power of the cannabis community to broker undeniably attractive deals for its customers, buying in bulk, generating big savings and guaranteeing superior product quality every time.

It doesn´t matter if you prefer flower, edibles, concentrates, prerolls or vapes. Splitbud has you covered with discreet and convenient deliveries, a vast selection of high quality products and prices that allow regular users to enjoy more and spend less.

So next time you´re about to embark on an epic production session or want to take the edge off before a big show, remember why California based artists are using Splitbud and keep those extra dollars in your pocket.