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Lupe Fuentes Has Created A New And Hypnotic Sound.

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Her Latin roots and passionate creativity have always been a driving force for the young and accomplished DJ, Lupe Fuentes, who has carefully crafted a hypnotic sound with a distinctive style that her fans can´t get enough of.

For Lupe, music is a way to express herself, while also connecting with her audience and making people dance, enjoy and have a great time.

After beginning her music career in 2010, Ms. Fuentes quickly realized that growing up in Spain where she was exposed to house music from an early age allowed her to develop her own, unique sound.

Having performed in venues like Exchange LA and Drai's Afterhours in Las Vegas, Lupe has also found success releasing a variety of singles. Her mentors include Grammy award winning DJ and producer Roger Sanchez and DJ Todd Terry, but her musical style is different and original in more ways than one.

In 2014, Lupe released "Get Down," a collaboration with Darryl McDaniels.

Fuentes described her music and the collaboration: "When I am making tracks, they have to pass the dance floor test and they have to be funky... having an opportunity to put my name alongside DMC from RUN DMC is just over the top."

For Lupe Fuentes, music is a way of life and her constant desire to refine her production skills has seen her gain recognition in the industry while remaining authentic to her creative style.

Check out Lupe on Spotify and Instagram to discover more.