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5 Breakthrough Artists To Follow In 2019

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Atlanta based alternative pop rock band “Revel in Romance” is about to release their second EP: “Smoke and Mirrors”.

As the year continues its progression, artists keep working their way to more and more listeners, who eventually become fans and spread their new found love for that special new band or performer they feel they had the privilege to discover.

This is the beauty about music, especially new music. When you find it, and you love it, you can´t help but tell everyone who has ears and is willing to listen that what you´ve found is something special. And so the ever evolving nature of this phenomenon keeps global audiences on the lookout for those trends and talents that will go on to become “the next big thing”.

We´ve put together a curated list of 5 breakthrough artists to follow in 2019, and we´ll even let you keep all the bragging rights when you introduce them to your friends. You´re welcome.


Lead singer Saxony Raine and her bandmates Parker, Devin, Mark and Remington are getting ready to release their second EP called “Smoke and Mirrors”.

Revel in Romance performing live. Image courtesy of Lou Raimondi Photography and www.revelinromance.com

This hypnotizing Atlanta based alternative pop rock band has been climbing up the ranks of the global music scene in spectacular fashion, with successful performances at marquee events such as the Warped Tour, SXSW, Florida Music Fest, Sweetwater 420 and many more as well as a solid production team behind them and what we can all agree after listening to singles like “Echoes” is a unique and engulfing sound that releases the perfect dose of dopamine when listening at full volume. Check out their official website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You´ll be glad you did!


Luke Combs has taken country by storm — or, more accurately, by “Hurricane” — over the last couple years. After a few self-released EPs, the North Carolina singer-songwriter began to gain momentum with his aforementioned “Hurricane” in 2015, which began to slide up the country charts. He soon signed to Columbia Nashville, which released his full-length debut This One’s For You last year. It ended up debuting at Number Five on the Billboard 200 and has since elicited a series of Number One country hits.


It's an exciting time for R&B. Now that the buzz around so-called "alternative" R&B is fading out, artists are finding ways to push the genre forward in more subtle ways. Summer Walker is a 22-year-old artist from Atlanta, and her 2018 project Last Day of Summer was the first proper introduction to a soulful-voiced singer who has something to say.

Her two biggest songs so far, "Girls Need Love" and "CPR," are polished singles, but even more exciting is the fact that some of Summer's deep cuts are just as great.


Bernard Jabs' 2018 was a whirlwind, as he signed with Def Jam, went on tour with Pusha T, moved to L.A., and released his first music videos.

Concise tracks with sharp rapping over hard-hitting beats have always been Bernard Jabs' calling card, and he hasn't deviated too much from the formula since signing. It will be interesting to see how his sound evolves, but most importantly he's a highly talented rapper with an ear for melody and a natural charisma. The young artist's success so far is well-deserved, but his potential going into 2019 is even more exciting.


L.A.’s Inner Wave has been building momentum since 2016, That’s in part due to Pablo Sotelo’s engrossing vocals, which on tracks like “People Free” and “I’m Aware” range all the way from baritone post-punk to falsetto.

In the age of niche taste, Inner Wave manages to succeed at putting their spin on so many relevant subgenres that they’re a true big tent band.