Jelani Spence: a unique voice that you simply can´t ignore. - Elite Music News

Jelani Spence: a unique voice that you simply can´t ignore.

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If you haven´t heard of him yet, get ready to, because Jelani Spence is a musical force to be reckoned with .

This young singer has been charming his followers on social media with flawless song covers by mainstream artists executed in his own unique style which has captured the attention of music lovers and the media.

His true passion for music, unmistakable voice and vast determination are all factors that have placed Jelani on the fast-track to becoming one of the breakthrough talents to look for in 2019.

We spoke to him about his goals, inspiration and the magnetic forces that have always drawn him to pursue a career in music. Here´s what he had to say:

1. EMN- What inspired you to get involved in music?

JS - Two very important people to me have inspired me to get involved in music. The first being Michael Jackson. From a young age, the minute my parents introduced me to his music and performances I instantly knew there was nothing else that I wanted to do with my life. I remember sitting in front of my computer when I was younger and trying to imitate his videos just for performing practice. Michael Jackson has made an impact on so many people around the world with his music and has worked so hard from such a young age as well. Knowing this I realized that there is no excuse for why I should not be able to do the same and work hard for my dream of being a performer too. The second person is my grandfather. I am fortunate to have a lot of supporters in my life including my parents, friends etc., however, no one can compare to the support and confidence that my grandfather gives me. From the first time that I told my grandpa I wanted to be a singer, he did not hold back in giving me information on ways to help my music grow and train my voice. My grandpa did music all of his life and although he was not mainstream he knew that it was a love of his and strived to keep it alive in his life. Even to this day he still releases music to share with his followers. He has taught me a lot about perseverance and focusing on a goal while still handling your priorities. Ultimately, my grandfather keeps me going every day in my journey to succeed in the industry and stops at nothing to help me get there.
2. EMN – Out of all the song covers you have recorded, which one is your favourite and why?

JS- From all the song covers I have done I would have to say Undecided by Chris Brown is my favourite and is the most recent cover post on my Instagram page. Although I personally feel that I have performed better vocally on other covers, the reason why this one is my favourite in particular thus far is because I feel that I had the most fun recording it. The video is a lot more upbeat versus some of my other covers ultimately, allowing me to move, feel the music, and look alive performing it.

3. EMN- What can your followers expect from you in the near future?

JS- In the near future I will definitely be posting more covers of songs that grab my attention. I also hope to be able to release some of my own music for others to hear and receive feedback from them as well. Additionally, I will continue to do gigs and performances here and there to hopefully gain enough exposure to be recognized by larger audiences.
4. EMN- If you had to share a personal experience that helped you grow as an artist, what would it be?

JS- A personal experience that helped me grow as an artist had to do with one of my past performances during high school. In high school, I was a vocal major at a school of the arts and although singing was done in front of our class it was not until the 11th grade that I actually performed in front my school where I was focused on directly. I remember feeling insecure about how people were going to respond to my singing or if I was going to mess up, more or less the usual nervousness before a performance. Nonetheless, I began the performance and the reaction that I received from the crowd was way past my expectations. The feeling of making people happy through my music is something that I cannot even describe in words. Moreover, although I have had many other performances and gigs in the past, nothing compares to this one as it gave me the confidence on stage that I needed in order to continue with performing and stay focused on my music.

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