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Is Miley Cyrus's next era coming? See her dramatic new song Teasers

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Back in July, Miley Cyrus wiped her Instagram account clean and made her avatar black — a move that other artists, like Taylor Swift and The Weeknd, have made to signal the beginning of a new era of music. But the "Malibu" singer then left her account totally untouched, returning just this morning (November 26) to tease what she's been working on: a collaboration with Mark Ronson.

Miley's short teaser centers around a disco ball shaped like a shattered heart, which spins slowly as sweeping strings play in the background. She also tagged Ronson in the post and confirmed the track's release date by captioning it "11/29."

Shortly after, she followed up with another, far more confusing clip that shows a clown running down the street as the same dramatic instrumental plays. What this one means is anyone's guess.

Ronson, meanwhile, teased the new release over the weekend by cryptically tweeting, "the heartbreak era is coming... sooner than u think." He also retweeted a post that reveals his and Cyrus's new song is titled "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart."

As if that all wasn't exciting enough, Monday also brought the news that Cyrus and Ronson will perform their new collab on Saturday Night Live. They'll be the musical guests on the December 15 episode, joining host Matt Damon.

We don't know much about "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" yet, but back in June, Ronson called it "one of my favorite songs" while posting a pic of he and Cyrus. To put things into perspective, the super-producer has helmed such massive pop albums as Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, Adele's 19, and Lady Gaga's Joanne — so that's very high praise indeed.

It's been just over a year since Cyrus released Younger Now, and her presence in the pop sphere has definitely been missed. It's unclear if her new song will be a one-off release, if it signifies the birth of a new era, or if it's part of a collaborative project for her and Ronson. Luckily, we'll find out very soon — and hopefully get some answers about that creepy clown.