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The Vegan Fashion Show

The Vegan Fashion Show has thrown on some spectacular fashion events – and they also include entertaining musical and dance performances. Although still somewhat new to the scene, The Vegan Fashion Show has quickly risen to become one of the more notable fashion events in the Toronto market. Known for their charitable and educational cause, The Vegan Fashion Show has made headlines worldwide in numerous top tier publications including Forbes, Vogue Mexico, Elle Canada, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Yahoo, Fashion Week Online, and more. The event doubled in size from their inaugural 2022 event to the following year in 2023. This year, the event expanded further doing two partnership events with Planted Expo in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Who are the musical and dance stars that have been part of these events? Are they all animal rights activists? Turns out, the event loves to align themselves with other causes and diverse backgrounds. While vegan performers certainly secure spots, the inclusive event leaves room for other talent. What do they all have in common? They’re impressive. And they stand for something.

The Vegan Fashion Show


Emerging Canadian artist, under the moniker of CMAGIC5 (they call her 'C'), is a singer/songwriter, musician, and recording artist - a powerhouse from Toronto who started humming before talking. At age 4, she began performing in musical theatre, dance performances, and vocal competitions. By 10, she had written and composed her own songs. Believing in the power of music, she completed her music theory and classical vocal training at 16 and is a qualified vocal mentor today. While being an artist, she believes in the value of education and is a full-time university student. CMAGIC5 is also an ambassador for mental health awareness on various platforms and actively supports organizations with a mission to create more conversations around mental well-being

Since the release of her debut album ‘Ready to Run’ during quarantine, with over 10 million streams, CMAGIC5 is steadily establishing herself as a well-rounded artist in the global scene, with her bold, fiery, and empowering brand. CMAGIC5’s latest track ‘Dancing On My Heart’ keeps her steady on a meteoric rise with over 26 million views on TikTok and was the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter on the day of its release. With an infectious energy and a rock 'n' roll spirit, C writes modern power pop soundtracks that embrace the highs and lows of coming-of-age. In her new era of music, her ridiculously catchy pop-rock anthems with soulful vocals will get your heart pumping and invite you to channel that "main character energy." Say goodbye to heartbreak, toxic friends, negativity and self-limiting beliefs as CMAGIC5's music becomes the ultimate bestie you've always dreamed of having by your side to overcome life's toughest challenges.

Instagram: @cmagic5


The Vegan Fashion Show
(Monica Kay used faux feather burlesque fans for her performance. She teaches others how to make their own through her campaign Feather Phaseout. Photo credit: Jim Orgill Photography)

Monica Kay

Monica Kay is a Los Angeles based performer, choreographer and fitness coach. When Monica Kay is not teaching pole dancing classes, she is making faux feather burlesque fans and raising awareness of the suffering of birds in entertainment and fashion with her feather boycott campaign, Feather Phase Out.

The goal of Feather Phase Out is to phase the usage of bird feathers out of entertainment by 2025, with the focus primarily on burlesque.

Burlesque fans and costumes often include feather decorations on headdresses, gloves, boas, robes and dance fans- many entertainers and consumers mistakenly believe that the feathers on these costumes are from birds that have molted or that the feathers don't come from birds and are made of plastic. Feather Phase Out is dispelling those misunderstandings by testing participants on their feather identification skills with fun Instagram quizzes, sharing videos explaining why and how birds are exploited in burlesque, as well as showcasing the faux feather items from members of the burlesque community. Feather Phase Out also offers a free tutorial on how to create faux feather burlesque fans using faux pampas and bamboo staves.

Any performer in the Los Angeles area is welcome to rent faux feather fans from FPO for their performances to test out the fans as well as give Monica Kay feedback on how to further improve the designs. Boycotting feathers applies to:

Burlesque, Mardi Gras, Las Vegas style show girls, event planners, puppeteers, school teachers, parents, crafters, cosplayers, larpers, renaissance fairs, concert goers, musicians, gogo dancers, Brazilian carnival, milliners and artists of all modalities.

Instagram: @featherphaseout and @vegan.pole.dancer

Learn how to make faux feather burlesque fans:

The Vegan Fashion Show
(Powerhouse vocalist Stephanie Braganza performed live jazz with her band at The Vegan Fashion Show. Photo credit: David Fillion.)

Stephanie Braganza

Stephanie Braganza is a powerhouse vocalist whose performances helped her win a Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Live Artist. The vocalist has performed in a wide array of settings throughout her career, including a private event at the Art Gallery of Ontario which was attended by former president George W. Bush, and at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

In celebration of Canada’s South Asian Heritage Month, Stephanie Braganza was listed in CBC Music‘s top “10 South Asian–Canadian Artists You Need to Hear Right Now”. Notably, she achieved the feat of breaking the Guinness World Record for participating in the “World’s Longest Concert” in 2017.

An outspoken animal rights activist, her latest music video; “Chains of Silence” has won two Global Music awards for “Best Female Vocalist” and “Best Music Video,” and has received support from Tony Kanal (No Doubt), the Save Movement and PETA.

In 2020-2021, Stephanie Braganza was instrumental in being a part of Mississauga’s virtual Rise Up Concert (2020), and Hazel: A Celebration 100 Years in the Making (2021). In 2023, she was asked to sing the national anthem at the opening reception of the Canadian Blind Hockey national tournament at Maple Leaf Gardens, and introduced her first summer and Christmas performances at Canada’s Wonderland. In May/June 2024, Stephanie Braganza sang at the Rogers Centre during the Toronto Blue Jays game.

Instagram: @stephaniebraganza


Kirstin Corbett

Kirstin Corbett is a two in one act, singing her own lyrics as she plays guitar. Kirstin Corbett is local to the Tri-City area; Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge, ON. This metropolitan area is about an hour or two West of Toronto. Kirstin can be found playing at local events in the area.

Kirstin Corbett has been passionate about writing lyrics since she was seven years old. She was heavily inspired to pursue music initially from her step father, and later on her guitar teacher. Kirstin remains dedicated to writing thought provoking music as her first album Garden of Greed is all about coming to terms with the traumatic reality of the ethics behind humanmade consumerism that has been contributing to ecological destruction. Her new single, Crescendo, is out now.

Instagram: @kisrtincorbett

YouTube: @kirstincorbett1807

The Vegan Fashion Show
(Angela Argentina lit up the night with her dance performance. Photo credit: David Fillion.)

Angela Argentina

Angela Argentina has been a vegan activist for years, sharing her hula hoop in vegan parades and performing in an LED costume with her LED hoop at The Vegan Fashion Show. It was truly “lit” and unique, complementing the other vegan artists, models and designers. Angela Argentina shares the art of living well through her various organizations dedicated to health and wellness. She draws upon her diverse experience to empower and educate others through nutritious plant-based food services, yoga, meditation, fitness, and entertainment as a public figure. She provides her services across the GTA, teaches yoga on the waterfront in summer months, and dreams of sharing her passions and practice to create a massive positive impact around the world.

Angela Argentina is also an integrative nutrition chef and the founder of Kindred Kitchens, providing healthy, plant-based foods and services. She is the author of the upcoming book “Feed Your Chakras: A Plant-Based Guide to Understanding The Energy Centres & Unlocking Untapped Potential,” which shares nutritious, delicious vegan chakra healing recipes and various tools, guides, and practices for an integrative understanding and experience. She is a global peace ambassador and a creative entrepreneur who encompasses her many talents and passions, summed up as healthy, hip, and holistic.

Instagram: @angela_argentina and @kindred_kitchens


There you have it, the musicians and performers that have rocked the stages at The Vegan Fashion Show. So far, these performances have taken place in Toronto, Canada. However, the event has been expanding to new locations with their recent partnership with Planted Expo Toronto and Vancouver this year. There’s a likely chance that The Vegan Fashion Show will return to the Vancouver area. So, if you’re a talented musician/ performer in the Toronto or Vancouver area that aligns with the cause, you might be interested in applying as a performer for a future event. While there are no castings at this time, it doesn’t hurt to make the introduction and let them know you’re interested. You can get in touch with The Vegan Fashion Show via their website contact form. Keep track of casting calls and other show updates on their Instagram.

The Vegan Fashion Show Instagram: @theveganfashionshow