ellakate’s debut EP “Illusion” is an Alt-Pop Emotional Journey - Elite Music News

It’s long been the job of alternative music to capture depths that other genres can’t quite reach. Many genres can be profoundly sad, happy, or even bittersweet, but it takes alt-pop to capture the strange, inexplicable dichotomy of laughing at one’s own manic sadness. Musical artist ellakate captures this perfectly with her debut EP, “Illusion.” The tracks are liltingly playful, always sincere in their happiness, and often tinged with that inexplicable “whatever” feeling that only art can capture.

A Deeply Piercing Work of Musical Art

“This EP is a group of songs that are all unique in style, yet cohesive in story,” said ellakate in a release announcing the EP. “Each song conveys a different emotion, taking you on a sonic journey. From the upbeat, fun vibe of ‘Dry’ to the eerie theatricality of ‘I’m Your’s,’ and the stripped-back vulnerability of ‘Illusion’,’ there’s something for every listener to connect with.”

The connection ellakate is referencing hits listeners in a deep way. The upbeat fun of “Dry” manages to be a little bit uncomfortable. The eerie “I’m Yours” is seductively romantic, even if the lyrics can be edgy (“I’ll watch as you sleep / I’ll make sure you don’t miss a wink”). “Illusion” is a stand-out conclusion to the EP, its acoustic instrumentality and raw vocals letting ellakate’s musical talent shine through. Like a ballad to emotional struggles and a love song to one’s darker nature, “Illusion” accesses a part of the performer—and the listener—that many try not to think about.

None of this is by accident. ellakate knew that she might be hitting some uncomfortably deep feelings for her audience, but it’s inspired by feelings that ellakate has experienced herself. It’s her hope that her music can provide some solace to those depths. In her EP, ellakate explores themes of burnout, obsession, and heartbreak, all things that are more universal than most would like to admit.

A Voice with a Musical History

ellakate is the stage name of Ella Greenbaum, a Georgia-born and raised daughter of musical parents. “I have been singing and making up songs for as long as I can remember,” she says, with memories of spending her childhood writing songs and forcing her brothers to listen to them. She’s a musical storyteller, filling notebooks with songs like diaries. Her music has drawn comparisons to Billie Eilish, Fiona Apple, and Lana Del Rey.

This debut EP represents the beginning of a new chapter in a musical journey that has already touched incredible notes. ellakate is a young musical talent, showing a surprisingly mature vision in her musical talents but with youthful daring and strong potential for growth. With everything she’s already accomplished, not to mention the sheer musicality that she’s already displayed, her future certainly seems bright.

This isn’t just about the potential of her fame, however. Her artistic vision has been incredible so far. As she continues to grow and develop her talent and style, she ellakate is poised to create incredible art, and that’s a journey well worth watching.