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Victoria Kennedy Performs at the Vatican Dressed in Peter Langner

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One of the most highly-anticipated events of the summer, The World Changers Summit (WCS), took place at the beginning of July in Rome, Italy at The Vatican. The WCS, an invite-only prestigious event, brought together world leaders and experts from a variety of backgrounds and fields for the sole purpose of making a positive impact on the world, something it has been successfully doing since its inception in 2008.

“Knowledge is power! But it is what you do with knowledge that makes the difference,” said Sir G.C.H. Prof. Gabriele Andreoli, President of the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation (IASC), which put on the event in collaboration with Sir Dustin Plantholt, Count of Monte Crypto. “I constantly work to maximize results and implement relations. I believe every problem also represents an opportunity.”

Problems and their respective opportunities and solutions were widely discussed at the WCS. Some of the topics discussed at this year’s event were information security, blockchain, artificial intelligence, finance, and the green economy. However, the instant news of the day was Ms. Victoria Kennedy’s absolutely smashing dress, which all laid eyes on as she sang for fellow guests, that was personally designed for her by none other than Italian designer Peter Langer.

The WCS invited the top-selling singer to perform in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Kennedy is renowned for her singing prowess and is also known in Europe for her crypto and metaverse expertise. Her tingle-inducing singing and equally-elegant dress brought a flair to the event that was just as lasting as the profound discussions themselves.

Dressed To the Nines

Everything Kennedy does is thoughtful and intentional, and this was no different. To honor the location of such a significant event, she specifically requested a gown that was designed and created in Italy, and the result of her request was a true masterpiece — a Mikado silk dress designed by Peter Langner. The dress was a gorgeous, deep navy, evocative of a clear Italian night sky. With sculptural folds and drapery adorning the bodice, it was a sight to behold.

Beautiful dresses are synonymous with the Langner name, which has dressed numerous celebrities, such as Sofia Vergara, Constance Wu, Miranda Lambert, and even Kayte Walsh Grammer for her wedding to Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

His impeccable designs have also been featured on the cover of multiple magazines, including Elle Spose, Bride, and Harper’s Bazaar, and one of his designs was worn on the red carpet of The Tony Awards. For fans of American television, Peter Langner may even be known as the designer who created April Kepner’s wedding dress for the hit show Grey’s Anatomy.

“It was such an honor to be able to sing at The Vatican, and being able to do so in such a stunning dress made it even more special. I am so appreciative of Peter Langner for collaborating with me, and I am in awe of the dress he created. It was all so unforgettable, and I hope to collaborate with him again in the future,” said Kennedy.

A Lasting Performance

Kennedy’s intentionality and thoughtfulness extended far beyond the dress she wore, going so far as to influence the songs she chose to perform.

“I opened up with Ave Maria, and I got a standing ovation. What I heard afterwards from the audience and fellow WSC attendees was that they were so moved because they were able to hear such a sacred Catholic hymn in the most sacred, religious city in the world,” she said. “Being in a place such as The Vatican was very spiritual for a lot of people in attendance, as well as myself, and I wanted to honor that spirituality with my singing.”

For the singer, being invited to the WCS was a dream come true, and she explained the atmosphere of the event as one of unity. With everyone from different sectors, she felt that the event inspired more harmony within the world, and that sense of harmony was something she increased with her performances.

“The second song I sang was O Mio Babbino Caro. I chose to sing that song because of its Italian heritage, and, of course, because I was singing at The Vatican. For me, it was an acknowledgement and a sort of ‘hat-tipping’ to the country in which I was singing. It felt important for me to do that, to show my gratitude,” said Kennedy.

A Multi-Talented Performer

While Kennedy’s musical accomplishments are impressive on their own, with her newest song, O Mio Babbino Caro, landing the number one spot on the iTunes Classical Charts a mere 24 hours after its release, she has made a name for herself in other industries.

Kennedy has been invited to speak and MC at numerous crypto and family office events around the world; such as MC-ing and singing for the Global Wealth Conference in London, where she sang at Guildhall and the UK House of Commons; and singing at The European Family Office Summit at Lake Como. Those are just in this summer of 2023, with more to come and many in past.

As she participates in many more events of this magnitude, her role in making the world a better place will become increasingly apparent. And she will continue to look absolutely fabulous while she does it.

About Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Victorious PR, is an award-winning classical crossover singer who has performed for ambassadors, lords, and dignitaries in such prestigious locations as at the Vatican and at the House of Commons and Guildhall in London. Her newest song, “O Mio Babbino Caro,” went straight to #1 on the iTunes Classical Charts within just 24 hours of the release. She has been called ‘Singing Magic’ by Las Vegas Seven Magazine and has been applauded by the likes of Renee Fleming. She has opened for Enrique Iglesias at the House of Blues and sung for Forbes Netherlands and Forbes Monaco events. Find out more about her at