Ayox, Afrobeat´s Brightest Shining New Star Releases Addictive Hit Single “Cocaina” - Elite Music News

Ayox, Afrobeat´s Brightest Shining New Star Releases Addictive Hit Single “Cocaina”

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When Ayox, born Ayomide Bakare Iyanuoluwa, was just a boy in Akure, the capital city of Ondo State in Nigeria, he discovered music as a refuge; After losing his father at a tender age of 13, Ayox found solace and guidance in his father's diverse record collection and his mother's traditional songs.

These early influences imbued him with a unique musical sensibility that he carries with him to this day. Fast forward to the present and Ayox, affectionately known to his fans as 'Blownboii' or 'Sad Boy', has emerged as one of Nigeria's most exciting talents in the global music industry. The Afrobeat prodigy has already amassed a staggering 4.3 million streams on Apple Music and 10 million on Audiomack with a following that grows and expands geographically each passing day. From Nigeria to the United States, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom to name a few, his distinctive musical style and creative nature have earned him the spot as the brightest new star to watch.

After captivating listeners with his hits “Pray For Me" and "Comfort Zone" - both of which capture the melancholic yet hopeful nature of his music - Ayox is set to embark on a new journey with the release of his latest single, "Cocaina", under G Production and BU VZN. The single is a testament to his eclectic musical style, chronicling a playboy's love for a female dancer he just met. The track's title, inspired by the name of a dancer in the UK, serves as a major metaphor for the intoxicating allure of love.

“Cocaina” by Ayox is out now.

This promising venture represents a significant milestone in Ayox's burgeoning career, marking his first release with music mogul Djibril Gibson Kagni's G Production imprint.

"He found me on Instagram after I made a cover to Libianca’s song 'People'," Ayox reveals. "I met him at a point where I wasn’t really sure of what next I need to do, to move to the next level of my career." -he affirms

As far as Gibson goes, he has been known to build the careers of international stars and has a keen eye for talent. When asked about Ayox he said: “Certain conversations cannot be had on the phone, I got on a plane and flew to Nigeria to sign the kid.”

Gibson joined forces with legendary music executive Abou “Bu'' Thiam, known for his visionary work in the industry, the mastermind behind BU VZN and EVP of Columbia Records who is also the brother of superstar Akon. Both music titans recognized Ayox's raw talent and potential for greatness. The signing comes at a time where the Afrobeat world is expanding into the mainstream and ushering in an entire new generation of musical possibilities, the release of “Cocaina” comes as a reaffirmation of Ayox's place in the music world and a stepping stone towards achieving his aspirations.

Ayox's sound is an amalgamation of his experiences, thoughts, pains, and realities, grounded in the Afro Soul genre. His influences range from local legends like Beautiful Nubia, Dele Maltina, and K1 The Ultimate to global icons like Burna Boy and Justin Bieber. Yet, he manages to carve out a distinctive voice of his own.

Despite his growing success, Ayox remains grounded, focusing on his University studies and looking forward to sharing more of his art with the world. Ayox's goals transcend the individualistic pursuit of success. His eyes are set on putting his hometown, Akure, on the global music map, bringing a Grammy back to his city, and creating a platform to help others fulfill their dreams.

Reflecting on his journey, Ayox has sage advice for young talents looking to follow in his footsteps: "Be inspired by what I do, not copy or follow what I do. Our destination might be the same but trust me, our journey can never be. So find your own path and learn from the people ahead of you. There are no Rules or Templates to this Life. Put Allah first and Do it your own way."

With the release of "Cocaina" and his relentless pursuit of excellence, Ayox stands as a beacon of hope for young talents across the continent, remaining a testament to the power of resilience, authenticity, and passion. His music, steeped in personal narrative and cultural roots, resonates with a universal audience, affirming his status as Afrobeat´s brightest new star; From Akure to Lagos, and now to the world, the story of Ayox is an inspiring journey of a young boy's dream, fueled by music and shaped by life. Keep an eye and ear out for Ayox - this is just the beginning of his melody, and you wouldn't want to miss what comes next.