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Shakira Says She’s Leaving Barcelona With Her Kids

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Shakira and her children are starting a new chapter together outside of Spain.

In a statement shared with fans on her social media accounts on Sunday (Feb. 2), Shakira said she and her sons are headed to “another corner of the world” and will be close to family and friends.

“Thank you to everyone who has been there to cheer me up, dried my tears, inspired me and made me grow,” she said in the note, translated from Spanish to English. She also specifically thanked her loyal Spanish audience.

Shakira and ex Gerard Piqué, who are parents to 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha, split in June after more than a decade together.

“Everyone has their responsibility to do what’s best for their kids,” Piqué recently said to El Pais. “It’s about protecting them. That’s the job of all parents with their kids. That’s what I’m focused on and that’s my role as a father.”

On media coverage surrounding the split and his new relationship with Barcelona college student Clara Chia Marti, he said, “The problem is how people perceive things or how the press packages it. I’m still doing what I want. I want to be faithful to myself. I’m not gonna waste money on cleaning up my image.”

“The people that I love and worry about are the people that know me. The rest, I don’t care,” he added.

Shakira didn’t hold back on her breakup experience on “BZRP Music Sessions #53,” which rocketed to No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart and broke 14 Guinness World Records.

See Shakira’s full note that she shared on Sunday in Spanish below:

“Me establecí en Barcelona para darle una estabilidad a mis hijos, la misma que ahora buscamos en otro rincón del mundo al lado de familia, amigos y el mar. Hoy iniciamos un nuevo capítulo en la búsqueda de su felicidad. Gracias a todos los que surfearon junto a mi tantas olas allí en Barcelona, la ciudad en la que aprendí que sin duda la amistad es más larga que el amor. Gracias a todos los que allí me animaron, secaron mis lágrimas, me inspiraron y me hicieron crecer. Gracias a mi público español que me ha arropado siempre con su cariño y lealtad. Para ustedes solo un hasta luego y como decía tantas veces mi padre, nos vemos en las curvas!”