Leia Contois Wants To Start Over: How The Modern Day Music Muse Shines In More Ways Than One. - Elite Music News

Leia Contois Wants To Start Over: How The Modern Day Music Muse Shines In More Ways Than One.

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Leia Contois

As the sun goes down in Red Rocks, Colorado, the packed amphitheater is filled with anticipation, just minutes before devoted music lovers get to partake in what will undoubtedly go down as a memorable moment in modern music history; Once Damian Lazarus and Gorgon City take the stage and breakout star Leia Contois begins singing, the crowd becomes engulfed and hypnotized by the creative magic that this iconic ensemble has tapped into with the release of ´Start Over´ under Crosstown Rebels.

This was one of Leia´s most fulfilling milestones so far, and it marked the beginning of a new stage in her career. Since April 2022 and that decisive performance, her influence on the global music scene has continued to grow, as her fan base expands exponentially with each new show, magazine cover, hit single and remix that is released.

For those “in the know” there is little doubt that the release of ´Start Over´ with Damian Lazarus & Gorgon City and the subsequent Reboot Remix mark the beginning of a new stage in Leia's musical career: while she has experienced tremendous success as a DJ - performing live at some the world's most exclusive stages and private parties - and as a top tier model, the name Leia Contois is sure to be associated to unique and captivating vocals, magnetic on-stage charisma, the larger than life personality behind her creative mindset and relentless work ethic.

Many people think being a professional artist or DJ is all about parties and trips, and while that does make up a substantial portion of the job description, the truth is nobody can expect to make it to the top of this craft without putting in some serious work, living out of a suitcase for weeks or months at a time, spending day and night at the studio, checking in with producers, label execs and keeping an effective personal fitness regimen.

Leia Contois performing live with Damian Lazarus & Gorgon City at Red Rocks.

After having performed in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Paris, Bahamas, Mykonos, Tulum, Ibiza, London, Capri, Sayulita and numerous other iconic destinations, the multi-talented music muse is gearing up for what promises to be her busiest touring year so far with upcoming engagements in Tel Aviv, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego as well as select venues across Europe, all of this in between releasing new and highly anticipated tracks.

Damian Lazarus and Leia Contois backstage at Coachella.

Leia recently granted Elite Music News an interview in which she gave us a backstage look at the life of a breakout music star, shared her upcoming plans and projects, as well as valuable advice for anyone who is seriously considering the pursuit of a full time career in the music industry:

Leia, first of all we would like to congratulate you on all your success. How do you feel?

Thank you so much. I am feeling very accomplished and proud, but we are only just getting started. As an Artist, I really feel that we can be our own worst critics and the hardest on ourselves. I am constantly working on myself every day, and always wanting to grow and expand beyond what I am in the present. I know I will forever strive to be better than the day before, but I am really proud of my accomplishments, especially recent ones with my music. I have worked my whole life to achieve what I recently did last year. I am proud of myself, but I try to never forget the work is never really over and I get to continue living out my dream :)

What can your fans and followers expect in the near future? Are there any exciting projects to announce or are things still in the works?

This has been such an exciting year for me and Music! Since my release of “start over” with Damian Lazarus and Gorgon City I have been approached by many major artists to write, sing, and collaborate with. A few names in particular I’ve been working with recently are Los De La Vega, Todd Terry, Francis Mercier, Kasango, Layla Benitez, Pensión, Gordo, and many more :)) I can’t comment on all the projects, but definitely keep your eyes and ears open because I will have a lot of good releases for you guys this whole entire year! I have been working hard to push my writing and vocal skills to create some beautiful new Songs for you guys.

What does a normal day in the life of Leia Contois look like?

Hmm… this depends where in the world I’m at and what season of festivals we are in haha!

When I am home in la (which is usually for brief periods of time in between traveling for fashion weeks or different music seasons/shows) I love to start my morning off with a juice and a workout of some sort! I always find it’s best to wake up and get my body moving to start my day off right. Sometimes I’ll get outside and do that or just do a lil something in my living room then I’ll head out for my day. I usually get errands done around town early daytime and then go home to get some work done in my music-studio (whether it’s with instruments, recording vocals, or writing). After I finish up my music/work, I love to cook at home, so a nice dinner with a cheeky dessert then reading a nice book or watching a new film before bed is a perfect end to a day for me.

Many of our readers are music lovers and up and coming independent artists, producers, songwriters and performers. If you could share some advice on how to achieve their goals, what would you tell them?

Get up and do it every single day. For anybody who wants to achieve any goal in their life, I feel like starting there is key. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and who you trust! This is a very difficult industry and sometimes sharing your talent can be an intimate and vulnerable process, so be sure to protect yourself, and be aware of people in your surroundings to limit bad experiences. Do your research, take that online course, go to school, or go that extra mile. Bettering your craft in any and all ways possible can only benefit you as an artist. Believe in yourself. Confidence is so important as an artist. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will!!! don’t give up!!! it’s easy to quit, it’s hard to try. And not many people get the opportunity to chase her dreams, and make that a part of their daily routine/life path. Enjoy yourself!!! If you're having any success as an artist, don’t forget to have fun on this wild path that you have embarked down! Don’t forget that as artist’s we get to make music for a living, how fun and inspiring that is.

We recently saw you on a huge billboard in Times Square, you´re crushing it! Can you share more details about that particular project?

Oh, thank you so much! This is actually my second time being on the Jumbotron in Times Square. My first time was for a Gucci campaign. I remember when I booked it I was so stoked because I was playing the bass guitar in that campaign, obviously in alignment to me and my love for music. This time around the shoot was for a new brand that is emerging. It was a really easy, fun and quick shoot that ended up being a billboard in Times Square.