Rapper James Roan & Producer Richy B Team Up to Release New Single "Time Shows” - Elite Music News

Rapper James Roan & Producer Richy B Team Up to Release New Single "Time Shows”

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We've heard the talk over the past few months of this duo coming together and joining forces to create an entire album, which they should be releasing soon. However, to give us a sneak peak of what they have in store Miami rapper James Roan and Producer Richy B has given us the first single off the project! It's called "Time Shows" and it already has people talking! We've already expected this, due to history showing what happens when two extremely talented and skilled artists and producers Collab together to create an entirely new sound. James, has also been known for his lyrical ability, ear for beats, storytelling and catchy hooks. While Rich has been known for his ability to play multiple instruments, play live sets and create beats from scratch using the bare minimum programs. That's very hard to do, so we knew the vision would be great of two honest workers trying to get a seat at the table amongst music elites.

Roan starts the song off with the chorus, singing and harmonizing, "Living so slow but I won't go, well this is what time shows" that opening line gives me goosebumps! Behind those vocals is upcoming singer from Washington, Micheala Springs gracing the track and transforming the feel and energy even more. She is also supplying those same vocals on a very large portion of the album. The track goes from guitar, to synths along with smooth kicks, snares and hi-hats. Rich did a fantastic job on the production.

The message on is heartfelt as it's basically saying time will reveal all things, to be patient, do the right things and life will reward you. The group released this statement on the song itself "In life, nothing is permanent, nor is anything guaranteed, until you realize that's its all on you, only then can you accept your flaws, and make changes in order to succeed. Time reveals all, Time Shows". Very powerful words as these two clearly have a bigger mission in mind with making music. The album artwork was designed by James Roan, as the track was engineered by "Fresh Micks". Be on the lookout! These two will change the game if they keep this up! We cannot wait for the album!

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