We Tell You Why Komashov Is The Best Kept Secret in The Global Electronic Music Scene. - Elite Music News

We Tell You Why Komashov Is The Best Kept Secret in The Global Electronic Music Scene.

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Komashov (Courtesy)

His sound is unlike anything you´ve heard before, whether you listen to one of his sets in Tulum, London, Ibiza or simply on his official Soundcloud, one thing has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt: Komashov is the best kept secret within the electronic music scene at a global level.

His skillful and ambitious production style gives birth to an eclectic and unique confluence of sounds that transport the listener to an alternate reality, one where time stands stills and the only thing that exists is music…and the freedom to enjoy it to the fullest.

It is through his talent that the Israel native has been able to break down barriers in one of the most difficult industries, the music industry, and solidify an outstanding reputation for himself as a DJ who truly connects with audiences from all backgrounds and nationalities keeping them fully engaged, no matter what the location, venue or specific details of any one of his sets might be.

In turn, an increasing number of club promoters, booking agents and music industry insiders have actively and ambitiously pursued Komashov in an effort to secure the rising star´s presence at their events; But he´s very selective regarding the events where he makes an appearance as he believes in giving 100% of himself to the crowd whenever and wherever he performs live, for this and many more reasons, his reputation amongst true electronic music connoisseurs is unrivaled, and his is the type of special talent that simply cannot be ignored.

People from all walks of life come together to enjoy moments of melodic bliss during Komashov´s immersive performances and one can tell that the man behind the turntables is doing exactly what he was put on this earth to do and loving every minute of it.

Komashov Live (Image Credit: Omri Silver)

Komashov recently granted Elite Music News an in-depth interview, during which he discussed his origins, sources of musical inspiration and some of his future plans. Here´s what he told us:

How did you first fall in love with music and decided to make it your career?

I was raised all my life around music, my parents are big fans of music, so they used to listen to music all the time on the TV and on the radio in the car; So basically music was always there and a part of my life. The point in time where I looked at a DJ and thought to myself that this is something that I would love to be some day is when I heard Tiësto playing in one of his big shows in my country about 20 years ago. He was so connected with the crowd and the crowd was going crazy to his tunes, it felt like magic.

Do you have any favorite cities or countries where you have performed and why?

I love to play everywhere in the world to be honest, but especially I love to perform in London. The crowd in London really appreciate me as an artist and my music, I really feel an amazing vibe when I perform there every time.

How would you describe your musical style and can you share with our readers the names of other producers, artists and DJ’s that have inspired you?

My musical style is complex and it includes a few genres that I love: 1. progressive afro house 2. progressive afro tech 3. melodic house 4. disco. I get some inspiration for my music from: Coldplay, U2, Space Motion, Notre Dame, Calussa, Blondish.

What can Komashov’s fans expect in 2023? Are you working on new projects?

I´m currently working on a lot of new projects and much more is planned in the future to come. I have a few new tunes coming out in December 2022 and January 2023. The next few projects that I´m finishing right now will be coming out right after them.

If you could collaborate with any artist, alive or dead, from the present or the past…who would you choose?

If I had the option to work with any artist, it would definitely be Coldplay!