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BigMag - We Bring Shopping to You

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BigMag’s online store features an extensive assortment of authentic Apple products. Compared to the competition, they stand out as a reliable company since they only provide original, factory-sealed items at competitive costs. Furthermore, they provide guarantees to back up their claims regarding the quality of their products. They have formal authorization to represent Apple Inc. in Ukrainian public forums.

We brought a new way of shopping for everyone

BigMag’s principal area of expertise is the wholesale and retail distribution of authentic Apple products to this day. Customers may be confident that they are receiving precisely what they paid for since this firm never provides anything that is not authentic and of the most incredible quality. A diverse range of Apple products is offered at various price ranges, manufacturing runs, product kinds, and other descriptions. The wholesale and retail levels are also potential business alternatives. BigMag’s costs and turnaround times are unrivalled when compared to rivals. Furthermore, regardless of where a consumer is in Ukraine, the company may have their goods dispatched and delivered in three days. Clients may be charged a nominal fee to participate in a recycling programme in which they may turn in their old equipment for brand-new equipment. Bigmag was an early online store offering used Apple devices. Its website is still operational today. They provide a complete service, inspecting each device’s 33 functions before listing it for sale. They specialize in reselling used Apple equipment. In addition, with every transaction, you will get a warranty card. Bigmag provides significant discounts on Apple items in Ukraine. Furthermore, they provide a service that allows customers to save money while switching to newer electrical appliances. BigMag takes excellent pleasure in providing its clients with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy. BigMag can serve its clients with a knowledgeable and trusted business partner.

Get your phone serviced right now!

Their organization also provide the facility of inspecting and repairing Apple iPhones for their customers at a fair price. A certified Apple technician will inspect the device, identify the issue, evaluate the extent of damage, and provide suggestions for the next steps. Diagnostics that take longer than expected may be covered with prior permission in circumstances of severe damage, water flooding, or component failure. BigMag’s Kyiv branch is prepared to perform various repairs, from soldering system board components to replacing iPhone modular parts. In addition, we provide machine service, which includes cleaning, adjusting, and maintenance.

A technician must have finished Apple’s repair training programme and the company’s specialized certifications to repair an Apple laptop because repairing an Apple laptop is notoriously tricky owing to its design and components. At their Kyiv service centre, they can perform modular component replacement, maintenance, dust cleaning with thermal paste replacement, system installation, and setup. The service centre is fully equipped with original Apple replacement components and MacBook’s most current diagnostic and repair equipment. They provide the facility with the best service at a fair price.

Customers may trust Apple products like the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone because Bigmag keeps its promises. They will get the necessary repair and a year’s worth of maintenance for free. Their work is guaranteed the highest quality since they strictly adhere to all requirements and utilize only authentic components in their repairs. Apple product scheduled maintenance, repairs, and component replacements give consumers confidence in the solution’s dependability and durability.

BigMag will find the ideal phone for your requirements

Bigmag only uses original Apple parts and accessories when fixing Apple equipment allowing the company to ensure the quality, longevity, and performance of every component it offers. A better version of the requested part may be installed at times. All fixed or replaced pieces come with a one-year warranty, and professionals maintain the quality of each item.

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