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How To Set Up Your Beats Selling Website Easily.

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Currently, it is fairly easy to sell or promote your beats online. Nonetheless, doing it the right way is another matter. There are many rappers out there and that is why beat producers are critical with many skills to trade. There are no rappers without producers.

The ability to make beats means that the producer will earn passive income since rap and R&B artists require the beats. The producer ought to do everything the vocalist does to be successful. However, the compounding benefit of the vocalist is gained by the producer since they made the beat.

The beat producer is knowledgeable about music theory and has an ear for what sounds good and what is popular. This means that they also double as a record producer. The producer is an accomplished studio and recording engineer.

How to Create Your Beat Selling Website

To start selling your beats on your own website, there are 3 things that are required; Content Management System (CMS), Hosting, and Domain. These will be the infrastructure of your website.

1. CMS

There are different choices for creating your own website. These include Wix, SquareSpace, and WordPress. All these are critical depending on the type of work. However, for producers, we highly recommend WordPress.

Why WordPress for Producers?

WordPress is free and open-source. There are many themes and plugins that are advantageous for a producer, and most of them are free. There are different WordPress themes for music producers. If you are a producer and you need any help, there are WordPress professionals that are willing to help you out.

There are lots of Wordpress themes for beat producers available to create your first beat selling website. You can purchase these website templates for music producers for a very reasonable fee and then set up your own beat selling store in minutes. This does not need high technical knowledge and saves you a lot of money as well. These ready to use Wordpress themes are tailored for your needs and have all the necessary features to create a beat store and start selling.

2. Hosting

You will require a home for your beat selling website, that is, web hosting. This is the foundation of your WordPress website. For WordPress, most of the time it is installed for you. There are different hosting companies for WordPress, and therefore, you need the best. This is because your beat selling website needs the ability to withstand traffic spikes during a sale.

3. Domain

After picking a hosting provider, you will need to get your hands on a domain. Remember that your domain name is not where your website itself lives. It is important to always try and get your hands on a .com domain or a .com variant. Make sure that you go for a stable, trusted domain reseller with a long track record. Tips for picking a domain name:

  • Make it short and sweet
  • Speak it loud and check if it feels right
  • Make it memorable
  • Only use letters

Bottom Line

A focused music producer will do anything to ensure that they are successful. Therefore, creating your own store to sell your beats may be a bit hectic as a catalogue may be required, but WordPress makes the process easy and quick. Therefore, you can own a website to sell your beats easily.