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The Wildhouse Way: An Inside Look at the World of High Stakes Music Video Production

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The fast-paced and extremely demanding world of professional music video production has caught the attention of civilians and music aficionados from all walks of life ever since the aforementioned audiovisual art form started gaining major momentum shortly after MTV® and other networks popularized music videos to the point where a hit single became virtually impossible to achieve without a hit video to accompany it.

In the modern music scene, Wildhouse Pictures – a globally recognized, award winning production company assembled by the iconic producer, director and accomplished businesswoman Maricel “Chacha” Zambrano - has swiftly and undeniably cemented its stellar reputation as the go-to company for tremendously ambitious audiovisual projects; Particularly within the burgeoning Latin music space. Global superstars such as J Balvin, Sean Paul, Maluma, Arcangel, Sech and many, many more routinely entrust Chacha and her visionary team of video directors, producers, production assistants and operational experts with some of the most demanding projects in the industry; Projects that other production companies deemed “impossible” to materialize; But not Wildhouse, for this crew the word impossible is certainly not part of the dictionary.

Maricel “Chacha” Zambrano and the Wildhouse Pictures team – courtesy.

The company is active in every major Latin market including Miami, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico to name a few. Recently ´Chacha´ has doubled down on her talent acquisition strategy, expanding Wildhouse´s already imposing roster of commercially acclaimed directors and consolidating the company´s offerings across every vertical involved in film and major music video production.

The seemingly unstoppable growth spurt the Latin music industry has experienced in recent years has served as a conspicuous springboard for a handful of dominating companies like Wildhouse Pictures to expand their reach and impact within the increasingly competitive arena of pop culture architecture.

“I´m fortunate enough to work with people that never cease to amaze me, inspire and motivate me. Every project is different, and our tailor-made production process serves that purpose; But the most rewarding part of what we do at Wildhouse is the success of the artists and companies that let us tell their stories.” –Zambrano confidently states.

While the industry continues its fast-paced evolution trajectory, highly influential players like Maricel have become increasingly active within their communities.

As Wildhouse Pictures keeps experiencing unprecedented success (the waiting list for new projects currently exceeds 90 days) the tenacious and dedicated team behind the company also continues effecting positive change by democratizing access to opportunities and resources that until recently, had only been available for a handful of creators and organizations.

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