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Why Elefangs Is Mexico´s Stoner Rock Big Breakthrough

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Carlos Correa one of the four founding members of Elefangs. Courtesy: Elefangs

Heavy chords that cut through the atmosphere with sheer determination as a smoke-filled room becomes enlightened by the formless shadows of unfiltered creativity. None of the men in the room pay mind to the fact that the clock keeps ticking, they are engulfed in a high powered musical trance and creating the sound of a band that goes by the name of Elefangs.

Since its inception, near the mythical coastlines of Cancun, Mexico – the band made up by Carlos Correa, Daniel Marin, Miguel Lasquetty and Alejandro Reyes has made a name for itself not only in Mexico, but abroad.

Elefangs´ raw and unique stoner rock inspired musical style has become synonymous with amplified energy for audiences, be it at club gigs or in massive stages.

The concentration of sonic power pushed by these four devoted musicians reminds audiences of the uncompromising and unapologetic style of legendary bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Black Sabbath, to name a few…but Elefangs has also differentiated itself from the rest, by mastering a cross-platform storytelling format that has proven irresistible for audiences of the genre.

A perfect example is the band´s incendiary single “Monster” and the film-festival quality music video that accompanies it, which was independently financed by the band and launched last summer under the direction of Miguel De Hoyos, who was legendary Mexican film director Alfonso Cuaron visual effects supervisor for the award winning picture, ROMA.

As the band keeps releasing new music, through Spotify and major platforms fans from their home country and abroad expect this breakthrough act to continue rising as new musical trends disturb the status quo around the world.