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Between runways, Sets and Stages: Brooke Korine

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From an early age, Brooke knew she was in love with music. Growing up in Long Island, the artistic and imaginative young woman would experiment with the melodies and harmonies that caught her ear, quickly discovering her innate musical talent.

Today, Brooke resides in New York City, where the hustle and bustle of the big apple has inspired her to broaden her musical horizons, planning a big entrance into new artistic and creative markets after a very successful run as a teenage performer in a pop group.

Back when she was only 13, Brooke made an impact on different stages while performing in a girl band, now she is getting ready to launch her solo career after undergoing a process which has seen the talented singer develop a unique and engulfing sound that is destined to keep listeners hooked.

While music is her biggest passion, the Israeli-American beauty has also climbed the ranks of premium fashion modeling, thanks to her elegant aspect and refined natural beauty, Brooke Korine is most certainly a woman of many talents.

Creativity and effortless artistic expression seem to follow Brooke wherever she goes, with acting being one of her latest successful endeavors, all the while her music continues to mature and gain momentum.

As she juggles a college education, a demanding fitness regime, music, modeling and acting, the beautiful and vocally gifted artist also seeks to inspire other young women to actively pursue their dreams - effectively establishing herself as a thought leader for this generation.

Brooke seems unstoppable, and as she continues her meteoric rise to the upper echelons of pop culture, those of us watching are expecting to see her become a household name in the near future.

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