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Try to Get That 'Yummy' in Justin Bieber's New Game

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In promotion of his latest single "Yummy," Justin Bieber has put together some sweet packages for his fans, including limited-edition signed Yummy x Drew House CDs, 7" vinyls and cassettes, not to mention the music video, animated Drew House video, fan lip-sync compilation and epic dance clips.

But Bieber clearly still has a sweet tooth, because he just released the official Yummy game on Thursday (Jan. 9). The Pacman-esque pastime requests players to help the 25-year-old artist (envisioned as a smiley face with "drew" written across the mouth) collect all of the cherries in the maze while avoiding the ghosts.

Fans can play the game on both their mobile devices and computers.

In the meantime, the artist is on his own hunt to snag the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, as his first single of 2020 launched on multiple airplay charts after its Jan. 3 release.

Check out Bieber's announcement below, and see if you can catch all the cherries.