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This Platform Allows you to Connect Directly With your Favorite Stars

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If exchanging ideas and communicating directly with your idols from the music, sports, fashion and pop culture worlds is a dream, it’s about to come true thanks to the good folks at GatherX (formerly known as WeGather)

Tech savvy and first time users alike are now empowered to exchange ideas with luminaries from all over the world. By paying a one-time fee anyone who wishes to connect with big name celebrities and top intellectuals can do it through this revolutionary platform that has been democratizing online communications in a unique way.

By paying close attention to user preferences and feedback, WeGather is radically changing how their services operate. Thanks to a new and improved system which simplifies interactions, this exciting company is changing the global landscape making it easier than ever to reach people who were previously unattainable.

CEO David Price explained: “We will be dramatically simplifying the platform to have only what users truly care about – being able to buy exclusive chats with notable individuals, celebrities, experts and enthusiasts that you cannot get real access to elsewhere.”

If you’re obsessed with celebrity culture and craving access, GatherX is your one stop shop, allowing you to take part in group or individual chats with A-listers and gaining not only bragging rights among your friends, but also the chance to exchange ideas with thought leaders and icons from around the world.

So if you’ve been meaning to text rap superstar Gucci Mane or basketball legend James Harden, it’s now as easy as logging on to a website and sending a message like you would to a friend or family member.

Anyone interested in these services will be turning to the new home of the platform, The company’s new name is merely one small change, along with an overhaul of the company’s design which users are guaranteed to find very rewarding. To check out the new changes and start connecting with influential people be sure to go on over to