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This Is How Muzik Should Always Be Heard.

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Jason Hardi (left) Founder & CEO of Muzik with Adrian Grenier (of HBO´s Entourage fame) at Art Basel Miami

Audiophiles of the world, rejoice! As the era of superior sound quality and integrated lifestyle solutions is ushered in by brilliant minds like Jason Hardi, the founder and CEO of Muzik headphones.

Muzik is synonymous with the pinnacle of visionary product development and a company that has been championed by countless iconic artists, producers and tech experts due to its relentless efforts to provide the best possible listening experience in the world.

For fashion aficionados and music production connoisseurs alike, the iconic headphones created by Muzik bridge a gap, allowing users to experience a full spectrum of details thanks to legendary producer Timbaland´s involvement in the tuning process behind every pair, while also making a fashion statement, elevating every day outfits thanks to the product´s highly sought after aesthetic component which makes for the perfect accessory.

As technology pushes every product category forward, Muzik´s Smartware® helps you stay connected with all the things you care about while providing the ideal sonic ecosystem for rich musical enjoyment.

For Jason Hardi, everything started with passion: the passion to create a better product. With that passion, came legacy and one of the most enticing personal electronics brands that we have come across anywhere on the planet.