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The Toxic And Unforgettable Sound Of Calypso

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There´s a new menace in town, and her name is CALYPSØ.

For the young and multi-faceted rapper, singer and songwriter all doors are there to be kicked down, and her music is living proof. Based in Germany and focused on the international scene, CALYPSØ has spent most of her time refining her craft.

While some listeners might have gotten used to artists who look alike and sound alike, true urban music connoisseurs expect new talent to bring something fresh and exciting to the table, and even though that might not always be the case, every once in a while one can be pleasantly surprised moments after clicking on the “play” button.

After listening to the single SPIDERMOBB, appropriately named after the crew repped by CALYPSØ one cannot help but be blown away by the singer´s powerful and unapologetic bravado, incendiary lyricism and elevated production style. She is fully prepared to challenge the chart topping acts of our time, giving any of your favorite stars a run for their money.

With her latest single “Toxic”, CALYPSØ once again establishes her unquestionable fluidity to create addictive & memorable hooks, in perfect balance with edgy verses that would put many established rappers to shame, teaching them a lesson on how to create raw and virtually irresistible crossover hit records.

As an independent artist, her road to global relevance is well underway, and we wouldn´t be surprised to learn that this authentically talented, viciously determined and razor sharp superstar in the making has signed a major deal in the near future.