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Andrew Raposo Is Canada´s Best Kept Secret

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Independent artist Andrew Raposo has captured the hearts of listeners.

The young artist has a star-like glow, passion for music and a sonic formula that has captured the hearts of audiophiles across his native Canada and other countries.

Andrew Raposo grew up surrounded by good music, his influences are vast and varied but icons like Billie Eillish and Ariana Grande have recently inspired the singer to record and share covers, all of which have been received positively.

While performing at the highest level in music is usually a complex feat, Andrew is a gifted singer, songwriter and entertainer who has developed a unique sound and is getting ready to step into the spotlight.

“I have so much to share, my art is an extension of myself” - he affirms.

Andrew is not your average cover singer. He´s the best kept secret in Canada, an accomplished visual artist by his own right with a burning desire to express his creative vision and share it with the world.

The future looks bright for this talented young man who has his sights set on a big pop debut coming very soon.