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Oksana Grigorieva Releases Captivating New Single: DMS

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Oksana, one of the most talented stars in today´s musical firmament returns with new single “DMS”

Oksana Grigorieva has been stunning global audiences with her unquestionable talent and powerful, moving voice during her entire professional career.

A naturally gifted pianist and tremendously accomplished singer, Oksana has released a captivating new single titled “DMS” which boasts powerful instrumentation and a memorable hook that will stick with you for days.

Oksana´s new release showcases the star´s ever-evolving sound and her commitment to fans around the world who identify themselves with her bodies of work.

“DMS” has been released under Bungalo Records with exclusive distribution through Universal Music Group. “We look forward to the upcoming release of Oksana’s new project in 2019. It is exemplary of her exceptional artistry as a musical artist,” says Paul Ring, President of Bungalo Records/UMGD.

Her collaborations on the upcoming release include work with Lloyd Tolbert and Tony Haynes.

Oksana´s personal power, and her willingness to overcome the challenges that life has thrown at her is a theme that sits well with fans around the world who feel identified and inspired by Oksana Grigorieva, as they turn to her music for a healthy escape and a source of daily motivation.

The acclaimed singer and performer, trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London has also patented a technique for teaching musical notation to children, her warmth and natural propensity for altruism have also driven her to launch a heartwarming campaign called “NeverBeBasic” which aims to spark a light and make people feel good by remembering that there are ways to recover personal strength and motivation after experiencing setbacks or even suffering from trauma.

Oksana´s career keeps soaring as the brave and talented artists celebrates her new global single release .

After being discovered by Grammy award winning music icon, David Foster, Oksana went on to release iconic tracks including her collaboration with Josh Groban: “Un Día Llegara” released on Groban’s album, “Awake”. In alignment with her artistic vision for the project, Oksana recruited visionary musicians for her album including iconic drummer Matt Chamberlain (Tori Amos, Pearl Jam), accomplished bassist Paul Bushnell (Ednaswap, Faith Hill/Tim McGraw), guitarists Lyle Workman (Sting, Beck) and Greg Suran (Jewel, Five for Fighting) and keyboard player Jamie Muhoberac (Seal, John Mayer, the Rolling Stones). Strings were arranged and conducted by David Campbell (Beck, Radiohead, Green Day, Josh Groban).

Once again, Oksana provides her listeners with a true, multi- faceted auditive experience that goes beyond what you would expect from a regular musical release. The honesty, commitment and empathy of Oksana as an artist, philanthropist and one of this generation´s timeless voices, shatters conventions and sheds light on a trend that is re-shaping the musical landscape, one where ultra talented musicians, songwriters and performers like Oksana have direct contact with their fans and followers by leveraging the ever expanding impact of social media.

About Oksana

Oksana Grigorieva is a renowned singer/songwriter and pianist best known for her outstanding repertoire of musical compositions that have been heralded by fans and the industry at large.

As her momentum continued, she released her album, “Beautiful Heartache,” her new hit single “DMS” is now available.