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Meet Sourmatt: the marketing plug within modern hip-hop

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As the world of music keeps changing and artists seek new ways to monetize their star power, factors such as vision and street cred have propelled Sourmatt to mythical status within the hip-hop marketing industry.

The young and successful entrepreneur has traveled the world extensively, identifying valuable opportunities and implementing them stateside, all the while building a reputation for effectiveness and Swift action.

Sourmatt has an innate understanding of marketing and branding, he has used these skills to increase revenue for his clients and mapo ut the careers of marquee rap and hip hop stars.

By bringing street smarts to corporate boardrooms, recording studios and high level business meetings, SourMatt has built a tremendously successful music and hip hop lifestyle marketing machine applying his techniques to a myriad of industries.

Recently, he has been working closely with up and coming star Hoodrich Pablo Juan, developing several projects including an upcoming overseas takeover which will see SourMatt and his company break another barried and successfully enter the european market.

Follow this bold entrepreneur on his journey to hip-hop marketing domination.