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Madonna & Maluma Perform Hologram-Enhanced ‘Medellin’

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First time pop icon has performed new music live in more than four years.

Madonna, and several of her hologram doppelgängers, performed a riveting “Medellín” with Maluma at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

With a giant X representing her forthcoming Madame X on display, “the legend herself” as host Kelly Clarkson described her in her introduction, Madonna appeared laying on the ground of the stage, flanked by greenery scenes behind her. Soon, she wasn’t the only Madonna on the stage, as various incarnations of her hologram self pranced and cha-cha’d around to the grooving tune. The performance included a lot of intriguing CGI to enhance the ever-evolving setting, which included rain and bursting blasts of color. She, Maluma and several dancers perfectly executed the choreography across the various stage setups and through the audience, punctuated by fireworks.