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Lost In Sahara: An In Depth Look At One Of Today´S Rising Stars.

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We caught up with one of 2018´s biggest breakthrough independent pop artists, the very talented Sahara, who has kept busy and has even bigger goals in mind for the upcoming year. This is what she told us:

EMNWe know your single “Quicksand” recently broke 1 million views on YouTube, congratulations! What was it like to shoot the video in the desert?

SAHARA - Yes, thank you so much! I am unbelievably thankful for all the outpour of support I have received for the release of this song and music video. It is incredible that so many people have viewed and shared my music. The desert location is unlike any place I’ve been able to visit. Arriving to the desert location was an unreal surprise because I had never seen such a captivating view. If I stood in one spot and did a complete turn, from every direction the desert went on forever. The sun was blazing down on me and the entire video crew, but I didn’t mind because I was speechless at the vast amount of sand dunes facing me. With every footstep my foot sunk into the ground a little deeper, but it made singing the words in the music video even more realistic because it did feel like I was actually “falling into quicksand.”
EMN- What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

SAHARA - As an artist the biggest challenge in this industry has been constantly creating music that is relevant, yet still honest and truthful to the messages I want to provide for my fans. In this day and age there is an unlimited amount of music being released into the music industry, and I believe that it’s important to always to be creating the new hook, new beat, or new type of vibe. As artists we are the creators and music has unlimited boundaries we have yet to discover.

EMN- What has been your most rewarding live show?

SAHARA - The most rewarding live show is definitely a hard question because when looking back on my career and all the work I have put into my music, I would say the Echostage DC performance last summer. I have attended a few concerts there, and I promised myself that one day I would be performing up there. Looking into the crowd I saw so many faces looking back at me, and it gave me even more motivation to keep dreaming to be on even bigger stages. My most rewarding show, in terms of giving back to the community, has been the College Park Music Fest at Milkboy. We were able to raise thousands of dollars for William Wirt Middle School’s music department through the Denstock Foundation, which raises money for underprivileged children’s music education.
EMN - We know you like to give back and support the less fortunate, which causes do you plan to focus on going forward?

SAHARA - I am currently continuously working with Prevent Child Abuse America and Girl Scouts of the United States to promote confidence and girl’s empowerment, as well as organizations like Momma’s Safe Haven, which is a nonprofit organization that encourages self-love and higher education for children. Especially during the holiday’s I am very excited to package gift baskets, as I do every holiday season, to deliver to the children on Christmas day and sing Christmas songs for them. In the future, I am looking forward to continuing my work with these organizations as well as work with one’s have not had a chance too! Together we are stronger.

EMN - You have worked with prolific producers and writers, is there anyone in particular you´d like to collaborate with?

SAHARA - I am looking forward to making and putting out new music, and I would love to collaborate with influential artists in today’s pop culture. I would love to work with artists like Ariana Grande, Khalid, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara etc. These artists are not only in the same age range as me, but have also put out music with messages of empowerment to the youth.

EMN - If you could let your fans know one thing about you that most people ignore what would that be?

SAHARA - I think one thing that I want my fans to know is that dreams will not happen on their own, but if you put hard work and confidence behind yourself then there is no stopping you. I am lucky to have family and friends that have supported me every step of the way; but regardless, I have always let other’s negative comments roll off my shoulders. Everyone has an opinion, whether constructive or not, if you believe in yourself, other’s negativity should never hinder you from chasing after what you want. Always be true to yourself.