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David Perry: Between Lyrics And Laughs.

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In comedy, neophyte David King Perry has swiftly risen to public prominence by challenging and satirizing today’s pop culture pyramid that is shaping everything from politics to fashion and the arts.

Growing up in elite circles in New York City, Perry was quick to realize that social stature and popularity weren’t at all merit based.

According to Perry, the vast majority of the cool crowd was nothing other than the lucky recipients of wealth, good looks, or nepotism. A keen student of mass psychology, Perry deduced that so much of the value we place on those we emulate, art we appreciate, and even those we socialize with, was completely arbitrary and even asinine.

In a comedic effort to expose this phenomena, Perry and fellow comedians Uncle Daddy and Andy Milonakis take regular aim at the overblown price of popular contemporary art (see above) as well as today’s uber-narcissistic competition to obtain the most Instagram followers.

His attempts to expose today’s social constructs for the foolish measuring tools they truly are has reverberated widely over social media, skyrocketing his Instagram page up by more than 100,000 followers in just the past month.

Perry is eschewing traditional categorization as a comedian, however and has recently launched a parallel career in the music industry. Song writing and collaborating with the likes of hit artists such as Sammy Adams.

Watch for David Perry to emerge as a disruptive genre bender who will not be pidgeon holed and who will open up new possibilities for millennial creatives.