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The Instinct for Greatness: A Tale of Fearless Leadership

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Rewind to the beginning of the decade, a 16 year old kid working on a radio show had a vision. He thought about managing and producing artists that would later get airplay at the mainstream pop station where he was working, as opposed to only playing other people´s songs on his show.

A few months later, he had turned that idea into a reality and was placing his artists in front of huge crowds and into the airwaves of his country´s mainstream radio structure.

That kid was Alesh Ancira, now CEO of The Eclectic Agency, a global boutique powerhouse specializing in public relations, advertising, consulting and management with operations that span from his natal Mexico all the way to the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Switzerland, the United States and a dozen other international territories.

Photo courtesy of @TajVsTaj at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, CA

“I completed the Executive Education Program at Harvard University in Cambridge and decided to pursue my next big adventure: building a company that could create new opportunities for brands and artists in different corners of the world.” Alesh said.

His first big project was a breakthrough branded content series he created centered on the life of a teenage music star. At age 22, he successfully negotiated with blue chip brands such as Cadillac and Samsung and secured the necessary resources to launch the project which eventually caught the eye of Swiss luxury timepiece brand Ratel Geneve which entrusted Alesh with the mission of expanding their reach and influence across select markets.

“It was something out of a movie. A good friend of mine in Dakar knew the CEO of the watch company and he thought my firm could help them move forward and reach their goals, so he set up a meeting in Dubai, everyone showed up, I shared my vision for the brand and the rest is history.” Alesh recalls.

Photo courtesy of @tea_worldwide Cyril Ratel, Vanessa Bockmann, Alesh Ancira, Nabilios H at Emirates Royal Ball Dubai

In 24 months, TEA had secured multi-million dollar deals including sponsorships of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup and Emirates Airline´s Royal ball in the United Arab Emirates, the Holy One Golf Tournament by Berger Joyeros in Mexico City and a groundbreaking collaboration with the leading private aviation firm: Jet Card. The final stroke in the master plan came when Alesh accomplished what many believed impossible: he managed to secure music superstars as brand ambassadors for Ratel without any cash payment by the brand.

“We were on what appeared to be a world tour. My client and I took flights to Amsterdam, Miami, Geneva and Los Angeles always searching for the next big move. We were fortunate to find the right connections and ended up having dinners and studio meetings with artists I looked up to. Finally we were able to close some very rewarding deals and experience real momentum.” Alesh said.

Photo courtesy of @tea_worldwide Cyril Ratel, Alesh Ancira & Yandel in Miami, FL

One of the stars he met was the iconic hip hop / r&b singer, songwriter and producer: Akon.
Impressed by the work TEA had done for its swiss client, he decided to bring Alesh and his company onboard the Konvict Muzik corporate structure as Chief Marketing Officers, with TEA handling all marketing aspects for him and the artists signed to his label.

Photo courtesy of @jimmydeparis Gibson Kagni, Akon, Alesh Ancira & Cyril Ratel at JW Marriot Marquis Hotel Dubai

One of the first deals made was the production and launch of the official Akon emoji, accurately branded: EmojiKon. Other marquee projects included a content development collaboration with Beacon of Hope and Emirates Red Crescent, shining a light unto the refugee crisis and a brand endorsement deal structured by TEA on behalf of Akon with Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

“Working with Akon was a dream come true, I grew up listening to his music. The man is a legend, and having the creative freedom to structure different deals and campaigns on behalf of his brands has been a fantastic professional experience.” Alesh said, with a big smile.

Photo courtesy of @TajVsTaj Alesh Ancira, Akon & Crime by Design at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, CA

After reaching another milestone by closing communication strategy and digital contracts with powerful financial firms in Wall Street and Hong Kong, Mr. Ancira and his company have secured strategic alliance deals with other leading organizations such as premier influencer marketing & media agency T1 Advertising and brand development think tank Interbrand Group, both of them based in the United States.

The most recent success story comes from the successful signing of RCD Hotels for social media and digital strategy, a major corporate hospitality account spanning across Latin America and the United States which includes world class brands like Hard Rock Hotels (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta), Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and marquee Miami Beach properties Eden Roc and Nobu Hotel.

Photo courtesy of @tea_worldwide H.H. Francisco Alonso Mexican Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Alesh Ancira

“I´m extremely grateful to work for clients I can call my friends, and alongside a fantastic team at the agency, our creative and operations team is made of truly amazing people! We are always in pursuit of big ideas that shape conversations and consumer habits in today´s ever changing markets.” Alesh affirms.

This is a story of determination, passion and relentless tenacity. The story of a boy who had a dream turned into a key player in the global entertainment and brand communication landscape. The story of big goals, big moves and a mindset shared by risk takers and trendsetters around the world: nothing is impossible.