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Turizo's Bold Miami Moment: A Strategic Reveal for HAWKERS Collaboration

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As images of Colombian singer Manuel Turizo roaming the streets of Miami clad in nothing but HAWKERS sunglasses were revealed, social media was set ablaze by the daring act. What was initially thought to be one surprising, candid, and perhaps scandalous moment was soon realized to be nothing short of a brilliantly strategic marketing campaign. In reality, the images of Turizo were part of a masterfully planned collaboration with the iconic HAWKERS brand. The stunt proved beyond successful as notable content creators like Pattypopculture, Hannah Kosh, Michelle Lopez, and Nuha El-Quesny—each with tens of thousands to millions of followers—immediately speculated on Turizo's motivations and shared the bold photos with their audiences.

The masterminds at HAWKERS produced this flagship campaign to announce a capsule collection with Turizo. The singer, already recognized for his unique personal style, is making his debut in the fashion world with his collaboration with HAWKERS. The new collection is comprised of four distinctive designs, each mirroring Turizo's unique taste, which his fans have long admired.

The standout of the collection is the Limited Lash style, with only 1,000 units made worldwide, which sold out within 24 hours. “At Hawkers, we are always looking to push boundaries and set new standards within the fashion industry. Collaborating with Manuel Turizo on this marquee collection felt like a natural synergy, and the overwhelming success of the campaign speaks volumes to our shared vision. The quick sell-out of the Limited Lash style in just 24 hours further solidifies our position as trendsetters within the industry,” said Hawkers Brand Director Ximena Guzmán.

Turizo’s debut collection presents two standout designs that honor two iconic decades: the Cad aviators inspired by the 1930s and the Linda style influenced by late ‘90s trends. The tortoiseshell Twist sunglasses are an ode to modern style with distinctive matcha green lenses.

Turizo captured the attention of millions with the brilliant marketing campaign that heralded his new collection. When it comes to audacious spirit, there’s no denying the visionaries at HAWKERS and Manuel Turizo are leading the industry.